[BLOG] 2014.03.11 Namikawa Daisuke Blog Entry


When earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku three years ago, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Many people expressed their concerns for me by commenting on my blog and twitter.

I am grateful today that I am able go to the studio and let out my voice, as three years ago.

The recovery is still in progress. Many people still have to endure pain.
Even so, when I visit the Minamisanriku shortly after the earthquake hits, I feel that the people there were very strong and I even received energy from them.

I can’t stop admiring the perseverance of the people in Tohoku.

I feel that I should do what I can do…. Maybe that’s why I’m writing on my blog.

Today I looked up at the sky, and I saw


The daybreak


The snowfall




Sky so blue that I wasn’t even sure that it’s the sky


Some oddball, and many things. But one thing for sure,

I’d like to go once again and make them smile to their heart’s content.

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: randomtsubasa (Kiramune All Stars)


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