[STAFF BLOG] 2014.04.23 Trignal『so funny』Jacket & PV Filming report!

Have you already listened to Trignal’s first full album『so funny』that released on April 16?

It ranked on 7th of Weekly Oricon CD Album Ranking!
Thank everyone for always supporting!

Let us deliver the report for the CD cover taking and PV filming!

It has a different feeling from the past CDs, they have a grownup expression as the point for the CD cover.
To think that it would be different like the result while we take them…
They were the usual threesome (smile)
Actually, it’s the first time taking together.

It looks like Eguchi-san is being pressed (smile), actually three of them are talking cheerfully.

Posing after realizing camera.
Kimura-san who is visible (being cut on the right) is getting his make up fixed.

They are looking at the camera in this one, too.
It is hard to secretly taking the three of them because they realize about the camera immediately.


With solo photo taking progressing without trouble, photo taking session was done.

Next it’s the PV filming of「Sunny Shiny Days」, album’s lead song.
The filming happened during a very cold day to the extend that even the skin can feel it in the studio on the suburbs.


The setting is where three of them, who chase for the dream, live together in a shared house.
We took various situations like practicing of the acting and singing.
Trignal’s short drama for the PV, like always, started!
The staff laughed at their comedy that continues…

Three of them mentioned during the interview, etc. that it would be better the PV is to watched along with the music because the fun they felt will be felt, too, The release event this time will have streaming of the PV, so look forward to it!

Yonaga-san who films solo.

The two who look after Yonaga-san

During the break, Eguchi-san who looks worried (?), and Yonaga-san’s peace sign (smile).

The filming took place before Kirafes, so this was when three of them practices for the choreography.

The filming was long since early morning, but it ended safely!

If you watch the PV multiple times before coming to the release and streaming event on Saturday, you will feel more fun!

also, please listen to the album many times before coming to the second live on June 1st!
Second pre-selling round of the live ticket is sold until Wednesday April 30 23:59, so please get them if you’re interested.

Source: Kiramune Staff Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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