[STAFF BLOG] 2014.05.15 Okamoto Nobuhiko『Shunkan BEAT』Release Event @ Osaka & Tokyo

Nobuhiko Okamoto-san’s 1st single “Shunkan BEAT” Release event was held at Animate Osaka Nihonbashi shop on April 12 (Saturday) and Mirai Kenkyuujo Fantheater on April 13 (Sunday)


The NG clip special of Shunkan BEAT PV was streamed during the talk corner!
There were not just choreography in the PV, but also use of small items that there were more NG than before (smile). So we put them together especially for the event for everyone who participated to watch.
Okamoto-san felt very embarrassing, but everyone liked it!

After the event in Osaka, we took him a snap at the stage!

There were many people who came to the event in Tokyo the next day. In here, the audiences laughed and cheered at the NG clip special, as expected!
We heard many people’s request about wanting to watch more, so we hope we can do more of them.


Handshaking event ended safely as well, and he took a pose in front of Fantheater!

For those who participated in the events in Osaka, Tokyo, thank you very much!

Source: Kiramune Official Site
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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