[COMMENT] 2014.05.19 41.5Q (OVA)「もう一回やりませんか」


Akashi Seijuurou: Kamiya Hiroshi

Please tell us your impression after finishing the recording of episode 41.5Q (OVA)「もう一回やりませんか」
I did the recording while being conscious of the Akashi that still uses “Ore” as first person pronoun!

Please tell us the highlight of episode 41.5Q (OVA)「もう一回やりませんか」and also message for fans who have been waiting for this episode.
Akashi, my favorite character in “Kiseki no Sedai”, play an active role in this episode so I’m looking forward to it too!

Source: Kuroko no Basuke Official Site
Translation: randomtsubasa (Kiramune All Stars)


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