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T/N: I ended up being addicted to this song for NO REASON at all. Kamiyan is amazing in all of his glory and his PV. THAT DAMNED PV orz. It’s so beautiful whyyy. And yes this translation is done out of a break from endlessly cuddling with HTML and CSS and all of those scripts. And also, the first translation I actually FINISH for 2014! Yeay~!

Raw lyrics are taken from


Singer: Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史)
Album: START AGAIN, 1st track
Released by Kiramune, 2014

無くしてきたもの 同じ数だけ
大切なものを 確かめる時だ
目を背けるのは 終わりにしよう
空が色づいて 夜は明けていく

Nakushitekita mono onaji kazudake
Taisetsuna mono wo tashikameru toki da
Me wo somukeru no wa owari ni shiyou
Sora ga irodzuite yoru wa aketeiku

To the things I’ve lost, doing the same counting,
To make sure on the time of the important thing,
I avert my eyes away as it comes to an end,
The sky is dyed in…

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