[BLOG] 2014.05.25 Appearance Information: Event [From Staff]

Thank you for always reading Kakihara Tetsuya’s official blog.

“Kakihara Tetsuya no KKHR Radio” that streams at Gakken Anime Seiyuu Web reaches 15 episodes. To celebrate it, we decided to have Nico Live at Chou! Animedia!
We have Daiki Yamashita-san as guest there.
There will also messages from Kishou Taniyama-san and Showtaro Morikubo-san!

Broadcast date
May 26 (Saturday) 22:00~

Please make sure to watch it!

Also, he participated in last week’s Yowamushi Pedal event.
Thank you for those who came to watch it!

We are posting few of the photos we took during the break.

There are some that looks interesting.

Rival Combi!

Everyone who participated

“Kiramune SPECIAL BOOK Vol2” release event is today!

Please come safely if you will be able to come ^^

Source: Kakihara Tetsuya Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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