[NEWS] 2014.04.17 60 songs for over 6 hours at KiraFes 2014! Happiness on first live at Yokohama Arena

『Kiramune Music Festival 2014』known as “KiraFes” was held on March 22-23rd at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. For two days the arena was filled with fans’ cheer.

This year’s KiraFes is the fifth. It is a major event by Kiramune which pursues new possibilities of voice actors. Last year’s KiraFes was also held for two days at Makuhari Messe and filled with fans (report: http://newslounge.net/archives/74084)

Fans waited happily for the performance while waving their colorful penlight along the songs played at the arena. Then the first song,『Get Together!』was performed. CONNECT (Iwata Mitsuo ・Suzumura Kenichi), Irino Miyu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Kakihara Tetsuya, Okamoto Nobuhika, Trignal (Eguchi Takuya ・Kimura Ryohei ・Yonaga Tsubasa) and Yoshino Hiroyuki went on the lift with spangles outfit. The members came from the roof and down to the stage.

CONNECT performed their debut single『CONNECT』at the second performance. After that they expressed their excitement on performing in the grand stage of Yokohama Arena. Iwata said「Yokohama Arena, here we are!」and Suzumura said「We’ve been only performing 2 songs but I’m already so excited!」.

The other members seemed to share the excitement. Kamiya showed it by jumping excitedly during his performance of 『Mirror World』. Kakihara gave his best smile while performing『GENERATIONS』with back dancers and laser performance.

During the intermission, Kimura from Trignal commented about the first song:「I’m sure that everyone saw us fall down, but we saw everyone gradually, the light of cyalume that filled the stage!」, as well as exchanged the feeling. Namikawa showed the thankfulness to the fans through「♪Arigatou」in『Naritai Aritai』 and as if he fixed one eye on the ground for『UTAO』but he changed to megane style and charmed the fans.

In the middle, to take a break, the clip of Kiramune history was shown with member’s comment. For Okamoto’s part, it showed an episode of him discussing with other members about remembering the lyric.「Suzumura-san told me that 『just have fun』」. As well as he cannot find the timing of blinking and said an mischief comment「I want to try my best while blinking (smile)」while being “blinking” character.

During encore, they showed gorgeous performance of each member sang one song while other members enter. While Yoshino’s performance, Suzumura and Kamiya danced with good timing, During Okamoto’s was Iwata, Namikawa, Irino who brought fans with Okamoto’s face, etc. There were full of viewable performance! Two members of『CONNECT』also ran in full throttle from center stage to audience seat.

Final greetings before leaving one last song. Yoshino participate Namikawa’s solo live last September (See: http://newslounge.net/archives/96825) but he participated as a new member starting this time. Since he is a “senpai” as seiyuu, but “Kouhai” as Kiramune member, he commented「I was able to survive somehow because senpais were here. I was really nervous before getting on the stage, but it’s impossible there’s enemies on this stage.」Then Suzumura gave a punch line advice to Okamoto “senpai” and said「Please do winking!」.

When the conversation goes to『Trignal』, Kimura said that Yonaga「was touched and cried the first half」. Yonaga also said「I cried when I saw CONNECT」. Suzumura said「how girly are you!」etc and the conversation was heated up. Okamoto, who is in 3rd year of being a Kiramune member, said「I watched too much light in the beginning」with pain laugh.

Kakihara commented that to stand on the stage of Yokohama Arena was like a dream and was thankful for「receiving a place to be able to sing」. Namikawa is also thankful with a comment「I’m glad to come」, Irino said「It’s because everyone who cheered us is here」and thanked everyone. Kamiya said「Every other members are better than me, I’m standing here with the feeling that I can do much better」.

To『CONNECT』, Iwata said「It’s our first time to come and stand on Yokohama Arena, and I’m touched. I felt wide in the beginning, but I’m glad that this many people came and tried out best」with feeling. Suzumura said「We arrived here while singing with fun. Without fans, we cannot reach here」.

『CONNECT』announced that they will take a break this year. Iwata said「We were able to『CONNECT』with everyone」 and Suzumura said「If Kiramune is a home for us, we will surely back with singing『please let us sing』」. Iwata promised「We will surely come back to everyone」.

During last song『EVER DREAM』they used up all energy of the whole performance and ran near fans. While it is heated up, members lined up and rode the gondola back up, waved to everyone until the end to end the stage larger than last year that contains 6 hours 60 songs.

■ Setlist for 23rd Performance
M1:Get Together!/Kiramune☆All Stars (KMF2014)
M3:Ano Kumo wo Otte/CONNECT
M4:Sakura Iro/CONNECT
M5:Jump Out Loud/Namikawa Daisuke
M6:Sorairo Suisouka/Namikawa Daisuke
M7:Shunkan BEAT/Okamoto Nobuhiko
M8:REC/Okamoto Nobuhiko
M9:Seishun Time Machine/Okamoto Nobuhiko
M10:Bing Bing Knight/Irino Miyu
M11:Medley/Irino Miyu
M12:Dream Flag/Yoshino Hiroyuki
M13:White Winter Tale/Yoshino Hiroyuki
M14:START AGAIN/Kamiya Hiroshi
M15:Mirror World/Kamiya Hiroshi
M16:Nijiiro Chouchou/Kamiya Hiroshi
M17:GENERATIONS/Kakihara Tetsuya
M18:ocean flying/Kakihara Tetsuya
M21:JAM packed TRAIN/Namikawa Daisuke
M22:Naritai Aritai/Namikawa Daiasuke
M23:UTAO/Namikawa Daisuke
M24:BANANA—NA,BOAT!/Irino Miyu
M27:Shall We Circus!/Kamiya Hiroshi
M28:Shirikageru/Kamiya Hiroshi
M29:Rhapsody/Kakihara Tetsuya
M30:Labyrinth/Kakihara Tetsuya
M31:Honey Ready Go!!!/Trignal
M32:Sunny Shiny Days/Trignal
M34:Aruite Ikou/Yoshino Hiroyuki
M35:Ladies and Gentlemen/Yoshino Hiroyuki
M36:Discover/Yoshino Hiroyuki
M37:Mitsuba no Clover/Kamiya Hiroshi
M38:Kizuna/Kamiya Hiroshi
M39:Love Searche/Okamoto Nobuhiko
M40:Chronos no Furiko/Okamoto Nobuhiko
M41:Number One/Kakihara Tetsuya
M42:Call My Name/Kakihara Tetsuya
M43:Jigiru to Haido/Namikawa Daisuke
M44:ROCK STAR/Namikawa Daisuke
M46:Runaway Train/CONNECT
M47:Say Hello/CONNECT
M48:cocoro/Irino Miyu
M49:Wonderful Days/Irino Miyu
M50:Saraba, Kimi yo./Irino Miyu

EN1:Hey My Girls/Yoshino Hiroyuki
EN2:Koi no Merry Go Round/Trignal
EN3:Good Luck/Okamoto Nobuhiko
EN4:Endless Journey/Kakihara Tetsuya
EN6:Hello☆People/Namikawa Daisuke
EN7:Ichibanboshi/Kamiya Hiroshi
EN8:Dokomademo/Irino Miyu
EN10:EVER DREAM/Kiramune☆All Stars (KMF2014)

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44d19d6ea23f158ee0e8645bc8a8b443Irino Miyu

0994dda718ce7b1a59dcbf05049f8fd6Kamiya Hiroshi

a39cef2f9663e7bc3bdc8c5f601b53c5Namikawa Daisuke

ca1eef8b315ff03ed241e65842ab88dfKakihara Tetsuya

502f5cfddddabe5369dcd3e29bf7200dOkamoto Nobuhiko


922a288dc95645a49d0729b20347d86bYoshino Hiroyuki


Source: Geinou News Lounge
Translation: randomtsubasa + clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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