[ANNOUNCEMENT] Applications to Join Kiramune Stars Team


Thank you so much to all Kiramune fans and readers for supporting Kiramune Stars and our beloved Kiramune. We are so honor to show continuous support for Kiramune members’ endowment in the entertainment world. Also, thank you to all Kiramune☆Stars Team for all the hard work.

Thank you for the likes on the Facebook page and web hits reached more than 60,000 hits. This encourage us to become a better site.

We want to be the International Fanbase/Fansite for Kiramune and support Kiramune☆Stars. We want to become more active in updating news or information regarding the members. To achieve this, our team need more contribution to improve our performance. We hope that you can help us by contribute in your free time and join our team.

Application for Joining Kiramune Stars Team:

1. Personal data:
Name to be credit: (ex. randomtsubasa / clstmk / Izumi Ishida)
Twitter Account:
Facebook Account:
LINE account (if have):
Blog Address(if have any):
E-mail Address:

2. What position can you do/apply?

(1) Facebook Page Admin
– Able to post weekly/daily (committed to their tasks)
– Can choose which members when posting the updates or all members (except Kakihara Tetsuya/Namikawa Daisuke/Kimura Ryohei)
– Only become fully admin after completing the trial period
– Able to find/search information by themselves

(2) Blog Admin
– Updating the blog whenever there’s news
– Proofreading and posting the translations
– Know how to use WordPress

(3) Translator – Online Media
– Japanese or Chinese to English
– Other language to English / vice versa
– Can choose whether want to translate tweets, blog entries, news or information

(4) Translator – Magazine, Pamphlet, etc
– Japanese
– Able to translate interview or news from the magazine or pamphlet
– Scans or picture provided

(5) Project Planner
– Living in Japan
– Able to manage the project until it success
– Able to deliver the gifts at the events
– Projects are mainly sending congratulatory flowers and for Kiramune events only

(6) Media Team
– Web Designer / Graphic Designer
– We need someone that are creative and skilled to design the banner, header, background etc.

(7) Contributor / Others (Please inform us the position or what type of contribution you able to do/choose listed below.)
– Has Weibo account and able to communicate in Chinese
– Provide scans/pictures/video
– Etc (Please tell us the details)

3. Why you want to be part of Kiramune☆Stars Team?

4. How many hours a week can you stay online for Kiramune☆Stars?

5. If you have any experience involving fanbase or position applied, please tell us.


Please send you application to kiramuneallstars.team@gmail.com

The information that you provided are confidential so we won’t release it to the public unless you want it so.

Thank you so much and have a nice day~ ^_^


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