[BLOG] 2014.06.11 Hey!

I’m Kakihara who just passed by.
I’m real ?! (TN: I think this “?” means “don’t you believe me?”)
It’s been a while!

Do you remember my first name (the name below family name)?

It’s Tetsuya.
Again, I would like to say “please take care of me” m(._.)m

Real topic!

I would like to announce huge announcement this time!

The title of 4th mini-album has been announced yesterday!

The title is…

『Dandigi Dan』!

There’s no specific meaning to it. (^o^)

The mood is “Dandigi!”, that sort of feeling!

Kakihara-san’s 4th mini-album

『Dandigi Dan』
Will be released on July 30!

Please make sure to listen to it. (=゚ω゚)ノ

Then the second announcement!

Tetouya-san (TN: nickname for Tetsuya that was called by his friends and sisters in Germany) is

Going to 2014 Summer Comic Festival!!

It’s my first time selling something there!

The name of the circle is…

“Sunaya Kakihara Dou”

Such a wonderful naming!

I’m making a variety CD with my good friend “Taketeru Sunamori” aka SunaP!

As for the content…
Please look forward to it!


Just limited time, but Kakihara will help out with delivering the CD!

The date is…

August 17, 2014!

* The time for delivering is not decided yet.

The place is the same with ProjectTRI (another circle that SunaP is in),

East Area “Shi” 64-a

Please check SunaP’s twitter, which also has information, as I will post it (^ω^)

SunaP’s Twitter


Please come m(_ _)m

Source: Kakihara Tetsuya Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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