[NEWS] 2014.06.18 More growth makes 3 of their performance to shine through! Trignal 2nd Solo Live「so so funny」Report

Kiramune, which look for possibilities of new expression of voice actors, member Trignal (Eguichi Takuya, Kimura Ryohei, Yonaga Tsubasa)’s 2nd solo live「so so funny」was held on Kanagawa, Pacifico Yokohama National Big Hall.
One year after 1st solo live that held last August at Kanagawa, Yokohama BLITZ, the beginning summer live that the three of them delivered charmed the fans of about 5000 people, bigger stage than last time.

Glasses, hat, wing, those things that can image three of them showed up on the stage and Trignal appeared. With「Cupid Cupid Cupid!!!」, 2nd stage has begun.
They appeared in color outfit that based on yellow, and cooled down the heat with the song, They also sang「Koi Tusbomi」which is PSP game『Koibana Days』OP.
Huge growth within one year that can move to a huge stage called Pacifico, they greeted the fans, and sang「SUMMER MAGIC」, which is suitable for summer season. The three of them waved their arms and united with the fans on the stage.

In here, Eguchi sang his solo song「Enchousenjou no Friends」. Following the snowfalls on the screen,「Hatsuyuki」started. It was sad love, different from uptempo songs from before.

After「ORIGINAL COLOR」, second solo song with「Shisen no Saki」by Yonaga started. After「towards the tomorrow」, MC (talk) corner started.

They talked about how they grew up from 1st solo live. Within one year, they had numerous rehearsal, and talked about backstage. They have concentrated only singing, but they added choreography this time. First song「Cupid Cupid Cupid!!!」had their fingers written「L・O・V・E」.

They have sung 8 songs so far, they were at the last stage last year, but this time they released full album, thus with additional songs so they heated up the live more.

In red light, they have showed aggressive side with「RESISTANCE」, and Kimura sang his solo song「Naughty」, which is last song of solo corner.

Eguchi and Yonaga, then, are back to the stage with the introduction to the next song, which is「Itoshisa no Contrast」. Microphone stand has been prepared on the stage, and with excitement cheer from the fans, 2 of them expressed a microphone performance as if they look through the ladies from the stand. With their a bit of sexy performance, the “yellowish” cheer happened and the song showed Trignal’s new face.

After showing a different taste, the air changed and they asked for clapping. United the stage, they sang「Sunny Shiny Days」, and added full push of Trignal taste to reach for ending.

Before the song ends, the 3 that disappeared behind the screen showed shadow drawing using the light. Behind the silhouette, they started to change the outfit on the stage. Scream came from the surprising performance, they changed from blue to red, then appeared again riding little trucks. They went up to the mini stage after getting off the little trucks and sang「PARTY☆Beat」in the middle of Pacifico.

Fans’ cheer grew even more to the extend that the voices gets sour. They felt the unity with the fans by getting near, and sang「Honey Ready Go!!!」after getting back to the stage.「Darling」is first on the popular poll that Kira Kira☆Beat R, their radio show, got so it’s a memorable song for fans and the three of them.

「ALL FOR ONE!!!」is the final song to the live. 3 of them delivered warm feelings to fans while singing it.

During the encore, they are back to the stage, and with live T-shirts that has arrange on their shirt and chest. Only Yonaga’s T-shirt had fringe on his shirt, and when Kimura was playing on it, Yonaga rotated and the fringe danced in the wind.
After the talk, they used Bazooka to shoot sign balls to the audiences and sang first encore song「Win-possible!」. Then Kimura said「we have songs that haven’t sung, right?」and the fans hold the towels. The final song to solo live is「Koi no Merry Go Round」to unite the stage and heated up more to end the live.

3 of them heated up about 5000 audiences, and how will they deliver their entertainment. We cannot put their eyes off to Trignal’s activities.


01. Cupid Cupid Cupid!!!
02. Koi Tsubomi
04. Enchousenjou no Friends / Eguchi Takuya Solo
05. Hatsuyuki
07. Shisen no Saki / Yonaga Tsubasa Solo
08. towards the tomorrow
10. Naughty / Kimura Ryohei Solo
11. Itoshisa no Contrast
12. Sunny Shiny Days
13. PARTY☆Beat
14. Honey Ready Go!!!
15. Darling
16. ALL FOR ONE!!!

EN1. Win-possible!
EN2. Koi no Merry-Go-Round

●Trignal Official Site

trignal_2014_06_01 trignal_2014_06_02 trignal_2014_06_04 trignal_2014_06_05 trignal_2014_06_06 trignal_2014_06_07 trignal_2014_06_08

Source: Repotama
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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