[BLOG] 2014.06.11『Satou-kun to Tanaka-san – The blood highschool』Release on June 25!

2nd volume of『Satou-kun to Tanaka-san – The blood highschool』, drawn by Yun Kouga, will release on June 25.

The covers are as follows

【regular edition】

【limited edition】

Well then, this time will also release an edition that bundles Drama CD.

This drama CD includes the CD that exclusively to this time,
a complete original story!!
Script is by Yuniko Ayana-sensei,
who also wrote『Sore ga Sekai no Futsuu ni Naru』

Tanaka-san delivered oden to Satou’s house,
remember that she forgot an important textbook for her homework at school.
She brought Satou, who doesn’t want to go, by force,
and to the school at night
What will happen to two of them at the school during the midnight –!?

We will deliver of after recording interview by Kamiya Hiroshi-san, who voiced Satou in first volume, too, and mangaka Yun Kouga.

–What’s you comment on recording this time?

Kamiya: Satou is such a role that is hard to adjust as usual.
He is a character who looks different from his age, I cannot grasp his feelings, at all.
At some point, it seems obvious, but not sure if it’s correct.
Maybe he doesn’t know it himself, I think.

Kouga: Satou’s weakness is to his side, or I should say open to the attack.

Kamiya: I have to voice out this kind of “unable to grasp” so it was hard to keep a good balance.
In the end… I voiced out as human is not used to love as he grew up, even though Satou is not that type.

Kouga: Satou that voiced by Kamiya-san was great!

Kamiya: Thank you very much!

Kouga: It’s my own explanation. A person’s body and spirit do connect, so even if he lives for several hundred years, when the body doesn’t age, the spirit doesn’t grow.
Satou is this kind of irregular character.

Kamiya: I do understand this.
Satou is an unbalanced existence that doesn’t realize this, but only has full of experience.

Kouga: Yes, that is correct.
I feel that a person cannot feel the experience if he doesn’t stand on that situation himself.
Satou lacks that because he is a vampire, and his body doesn’t go 30s, 40s, 80s, etc.
I feel that Kamiya expresses Satou that the couldn’t mentally show regularly well.

–Tanaka-san finally appeared this time, what do Kamiya-san see Tanaka-san?

Kamiya: She is full of expression, and easily shown. She is a heroine that doesn’t appear a lot.

Kouga: I drew her as it is ok to be not cute.

Kamiya: She expresses an expression that I think “you don’t show that kind of face usually!” (laugh)

Kouga: I’m trying to make a heroine with gross feeling. (laugh)

Kamiya: Tanaka-san always runs Satou’s life, but after putting the voice in, I feel that the area of「I don’t like being used」widened
But in the end, there are many things that are forgiven.

Kouga: Satou is a person that somehow likes to care people.

Kamiya: I feel that his limit got widen gradually because of Tanaka-san.(laugh)

–Lastly please give fans a message

Kamiya: I really like Kouga-sensei’s manga.
How she construct a character, how beautiful she drew, setting, how the story go, etc. it was professional and I like it very much.
So I’m glad to participate in this work.
But, unfortunately…

Kouga: *heart bumping*

Kamiya: Sensei is slow at drawing!

Kouga: Ah, I got told!!

Kamiya: It will be three years after last volume that a new volume of「SatoTana」releases.

Kouga: I apologize…

Kamiya: I like「SatoTana」very much, I’m glad to voice out Satou again, so I would like to get this chance sooner.
I will be thankful if you could give me a bit this chance sooner next time. (laugh)

Kouga: There are lots of lines that would want Satou to say, so I will try my best to pace up!

Kamiya: I would like to say this as a representative of fans.
Sensei, please try your best (to release early). Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu (please).

Kouga: Yes!

Kamiya: Also to fans, Please get the 2nd volume of「Satou-kun to Tanaka-san」that finally released!

Thank you both of you!!

Next time, we will feature interview of Asumi Kana, who voices Tanaka-san.
Please get excited.

Source: ComicZERO-SUM
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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