[BLOG] 2014.06.19 Saint Seiya Special! Kenji Akabane and Okamoto Nobuhiko Appear!

Mu~Comi + Thursday is Seiyuu Plus!
The guests for tonight are,
From「Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary」that premieres the day after tomorrow (Saturday)
Seiyuu of「Dragon Shiryuu」Kenji Akabane and,
Seiyuu of「Andromeda Hibiki」Nobuhiko Okamoto!

Under the corner that lines that the listeners sent will be said under Hentai Sound Director’s instruction【Mou! Watashi ni Nani wo Iwaseru no!? (Hey! What did you makes me say!?】, we made them say those lines during these following situations: one side with chain megane butler as a setting, Akabane said「No~ You’re a lady, please be more ladylike…」.
The classroom at night, being the only two with a girl and hiding the teachers who came to check around while…,
Okamoto said「can you shut up a bit, or do you want me to shut you up?」.
While having two personalities in one person, you are in relation with Okamoto-san’s personalty, but not known by Akamatsu-san’s personality…,
Okamoto said「I won’t kiss you until you said “please kiss me”」
Akamatsu said「How long have you acting like you’re my girlfriend?」

Kenji Akabane whispering with a sweet voice (Nobuhiko Okamoto listening carefully next to him!)

Nobuhiko Okamoto actually does the holding while reading the line during the holding situation!

Then to new regular corner for Thursday【Oyasume 3 PunPun】

This is a corner that the guest seiyuus answer listeners’ questions in whisper.

Question from radio name “West Joe” to Nobuhiko Okamoto
「Do you have any lines you heard recently that surprised you?」
Okamoto「Kaito-kun, a kouhai, said ‘You’re so cute’ to me」

Question from radio name “Yukko” to Kenji Akamatsu
「What do you buy without thinking in convenient store?」
Akamatsu「Ice cream」

Question from radio name “Myousoku Clock” to two of them
「What’s your first impression to each other?」
Okamoto「The eyes were eroi」
Akamatsu「Oh, that’s the popular Nobuhiko Okamoto~ (realizing)」

Two of them being asleep… It seems like their cosmo has been burnt completely.

Movie「Saint Saiya: Ledend of Sanctuary」premieres on June 21 (Saturday)!

Source: mcplus
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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