[BLOG] 2014.06.21 A Space Exclusively for Kamiya Hiroshi-san!

We have set a space exclusive for Kamiya Hiroshi-san in Rashinban Ikebukuru 2nd store.

hiroshi-1 hiroshi-2 hiroshi-3

It’s full of shelves and show cases exclusively for Kamiya-san!
First, we will introduce the show cases!
Kamiya-san’s bromide is lined up nicely and the time will fly time fast if you only look at them.
Full of rainbow color is at the leg of the show case.

hiroshi-4 hiroshi-5

Inside show case we used wood grain, which matches Kamiya-san’s image of calm feeling.
White, a color to charm the fans and feel sense of calm and secure.
Black, color of professional seiyuu technique, outstanding sense of talk, etc. in 2nd store.


Lowest is Deluxe editions of CDs he releases so far.
I’m sure there’s no others that feels that feeling of getting filled out just to line them up.

hiroshi-7 hiroshi-8

On the side of the showcase has a space that everyone can freely leave message!
We will be happy that we can share the feeling to our favorite Kamiya-san, even it’s just a bit!


We will move those messages to inside the showcase to safely secured.

Before moving the introduction to the shelves…
Please check your steps!


Have you noticed…?
Yes, that is correct! It’s an image of the floor in that cute room from
Kamiya-san’s 1st single “For myself”!

We think you can remember the lovely PV idol Kamiya-san
walking together with you.


Lastly to the shelves.
We collected CD and DVDs that Kamiya-san participated!
We feel incomplete, but we will use full of them in the future



This is a corner of delivering the dream of『What if we have a photo gallery…』
Please bend your body and view as if you become small!
Ahh… It’s nice to really have it…


Product shelf contains anime, BL, radio… even if we separate them, it’s all『Kamiya Hiroshi』!
It’s in basically in white with purple, your heart will always Harezora!

It was a “For myself” and selfish that makes people jealous corners introduction in 2nd store.

Source: lashinbang
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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