[STAFF BLOG] 2014.06.26「Kiramune Fan Meeting in FUKUOKA」Report!

We held「Kiramune Fan Meeting in FUKUOKA」on May 11 (Sunday) at Zepp Fukuoka. To celebrate 5th anniversary of Kiramune, we decided to go to 5 different stages from 2014 to 2015 for this years fan meeting.. The first memorable fan meeting is Kyuushuu, which we land for the first time!


As usual, we have Kira character panels put at the lobby.
Kira character panels in Fukuoka stage had the members that participated (CONNECT Mitsuo Iwata-san, Kenichi Suzumura-san, Daisuke Namikawa-san, Trignal Ryohei Kimura-san, Hiroyuki Yoshino-san) to smile sweetly like popular Hakata goods “Amaou”.

Members, after getting on the stage, seems like they visited fully the day before. They have talked about the memory in Fukuoka immediately, like great Motsu pot, Suzumura-san and Yoshino-san who went to bouldering right after arriving to hotel, etc.



During the talk corner, we had a topic「Kirafes special topic☆Scoop!」to talk about the behind the stories about Kirafes 2014 and looking back at 5 years of Kiramune.
Also, we also talked about the BEST 5 songs that chosen by the fans during「Kiramune MUSIC Search」on「Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R」like the memories of producing them. Also「Kiramune Exclusive Photo Shop」for the photos that staff took and treasured well. The audiences enjoyed the talk that only fan meeting can hear.

The corner that heated up the fan meeting the most is「Kiramune Cult Quiz」! The members challenged to difficult questions about Kiramune. The winner gets Fukuoka’s popular goods (Hakata “Amaou” for afternoon part, and Hakata Ryoutei Chikae seafood mixture for evening part), so it was a severe battle.

After that, it’s live corner that everyone’s waiting for.

Kimura-san sang his solo song「Naughty」.
He charmed the fans with the heated stage that is different from being with the other two Trignal members.


Namikawa-san sang「JAM packed TRAIN」, which was the BEST 1 for Music Research, and「Recollection」which is the new song that release on June 25, for the first time. It was memorable that he sings with feelings, especially sadness.

Yoshino-san sang「Hey My Girls」and「Ladies and Gentlemen」. There was also a surprise that Suzumura-san and Namikawa-san jumped in as back dancers during「Hey My Girls」!

Lastly, it was CONNECT to sing live. They sang popular songs「CONVERSATION!!」and「Sakurairo」!

During「Say Hello」, Namikawa-san, Kimura-san, and Yoshino-san also participated with waving their hands, they have heated up the stage with CONNECT!

They have announced rest of 3 staged that we haven’t announced yet at the end, and fans’ cheer covered the whole stage!

Everyone sang「EVER DREAM」at the end (「Get Together!」for evening part) while throwing the balls that has their signature to the fans, and it ended the first fan meeting of 5th anniversary of Kiramune.

Thank you for everyone who came to Fukuoka fan meeting!
The next fan meeting will be at Niigata on July 5 (Saturday). Let’s make a happy memory at Niigata stage, too.

Source: Kiramune Official Site
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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