[BLOG] 2014.05.31 Appearance Information and About the Event【From Staff】

Thank you for always visiting Kakihara Tetsuya’s blog.


He is currently appearing on #3 of “Hanageki Radio” with Kenji Nojima.
Not only free talk, but also doing the talk relating to radio theater!
Please go and listen to it.

“Hanageki Radio” Listening Page


There was Kiramune Fan Meeting Event earlier!
Thank you for those who attended.

There was a wonderful board by Animate Yokohama shop staff at the backstage!


Kakihara looks at it for a very long time.


… actually a fake Kakihara.




He’s actually a stylist Aoki-san, who always does his outfit!
Please make wonderful outfit as always from now on☆



There will be Gundam UC Stage Greeting today and tomorrow!
For those who are attending, please careful of not bothering the people around you,
and follow the manner.
Thank you for your cooperation.


More information will be updated,
So please support Kakihara’s blog!

Source: Kakihara Tetsuya Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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