[BLOG] 2014.06.30 I was part of a dancer during Trignal 2nd live ^ ^

I was a part of dancers during Trignal-san’s live on June 1 ^ ^
2nd live so so funny!!

I had fun!! ^ ^

Two shot with Riku this time!!
As expected, he’s my partner! We were able to do nice combination **

I’m so happy to stand on the stage together with these wonderful three!
I became fond of Trignal more^ ^

I was able to see lots of audiences’ smiles and powers were absorbed ^ ^*

To my surprise, I was told that I was cute during the rehearsal and during the talk, I cannot believe that I was introduced during the real show.w
I’m actually a bit happy about being played by Ryohei-san w

Yes, that is correct,
Takurou is unexpectedly cute. (laugh)
I’m not supposed to say it myself, though (laugh)

It’s because everyone gets afraid of me when they first meet me. w
I heard that I release an aura saying “don’t talk to me”.

It’s not true!!

I’m a person who would like to talk, talk.

Humans are all brothers type.

I have a bit of feminine, too.

But I’m not a female.

First thing to come in mind for female, is cooking, I heard.

Bucho said so (Yonaga-bucho) w

At the end, senpai became the person in charge of cooking and serving hotpot dish himself.
As expected.

It was really delicious!

Senpai! I learned from you!

I would like to dance with Kimura-san, Yonaga-san, Eguchi-san again!! ^ ^

Thank you very much!!

Trigna run run♪♪

/Takurou Kakefuda/

Source: Kakefuda Takurou Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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