[BLOG] 2014.04.29 Belated! I was a part of Kira Kira Dancers During KiraFes 2014 ^ ^

It was really really


There was KiraFes again this year!
I went to dance ^ ^

KiraFes2014 It was the best.

Adding a new member, Kira Kira Dancers became 10, we danced all safely!


(Kamon-chan was told by everyone later that “we don’t get it!”
Why does he have manga! ww)

It’s my third KiraFes.
I’m having fun since the rehearsal because casts were being nice to me!

Except, the practice is hard, of course!!! w

It’s fun because everyone does hard parts together!

The practice among guys are fun! ww

In between practice, I was able to talk about Kamen Rider with Kamiya-san, etc. that was fun, too. ^ ^

We also had fun with Namikawa Aniki as dancer at the end.
Aniki is very kind and fun, so I like him ^ ^

Everyone is truly kind, though ^ ^

I cannot mention all with “That’s good” “this is good” because there are really so many!

The happiest moment is, I think, fans having fun, and I’m really glad that I did it **

I’m very happy that everyone looks at the dancers **

Thanks to those people, we were able to dance well.

Thank you very much.

Us dancers were able to stand on the stage because casts and fans are here.

It’s because of many people that we were able to do a wonderful stage.

We would like to show this gratefulness on the stage from now on, too ^ ^

What will the future look like?

We’re doing it as long as we try as best as we can.

It’s important to always have passion♪

Recently, Takurou is getting more and more easily flattered. ww

It’s the best to have fun!!

Max feeling of trying our best while having fun!!!


Thank you for the flowers!

I was so happy!

Thank you very much!!

*Takurou Kakefuda*

Source: Kakefuda Takurou Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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