[STAFF BLOG] 2014.07.11 Kiramune SPECIAL BOOK Vol. 2 Release Event!

There was a release event on May 24 (Saturday) and 25 (Sunday) at in the city and Animate Yohokama for Kiramune SPECIAL BOOK Vol.2 (published by Ongaku Senkasha).

Yoshino Hiroyuki-san appeared on 24th!

After mentioning about the photos taken for SPECIAL BOOK and episodes about his first appearance in Kirafes 2014, there’s immediately handshake event.

He talked with each and everyone thoroughly.

Yoshino-san looks at the SPECIAL BOOK before the event.
I thought he’s looking at it with passion…

He is actually shocked at certain someone’s comment.

What made Yoshino-san surprised?
Please check SPECIAL BOOK to find out!

Tetsuya Kakihara-san appeared on next day 25th!

The topic here is mainly on Kirafes 2014 as well.
He also mentioned about his new mini-album and upcoming solo live.


He took a photo at the backstage after handshake event.

Thank you for everyone who came to the events!

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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