[STAFF BLOG] 2014.07.25 Namikawa Daisuke『Recollection』Release Events @ Tokyo & Amagasaki & Hiroshima

Namikawa Daisuke-san’s 3rd single『Recollection』release event were held on June 28 (Saturday) @ Mirai Kenkyuujo Fan Theater, June 29 (Sunday) Amagasaki City General Cultural Center and Animate Hiroshima.

Unlike the usual event, the event this time had Talk & Exercise & Stamping!

You would wonder what that is (smile), but it’s like as written…

There’s talk from Namikawa-san…
(Tokyo show with Jambo-san the director!)

After getting exercised with everyone…
(Live lecture of the exercise video with “Smile Exercise” from 3rd single featuring himself.)

Lastly, Exercise participation IDs, participation stamps & cards were delivered!
(The stamp is an illustration of Kira Character “Exercise Namikawa-san” exclusively drawn for the event!)

By the way, “Smile Exercise participation card” looks like this.


Jambo-san also exercised together at Tokyo show.

The events next day at Amagasaki and Hiroshima also very popular!

Namikawa-san who wears “Smile Exercise outfit” at Amagasaki.

With two circulators to prevent heat during Hiroshima.

Everyone who exercised at Tokyo, Amagasaki, Hiroshima, Thank you very much.

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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