[INTERVIEW] Kakihara Tetsuya「Dandigi Dan」Interview

Mini Album that Makes You Rise Your Feeling and Suitable for Summer is Completed!

The theme to Kakihara Tetsuya put on 4th Mini Album is “Block”. It is one “Too Hot” CD that he put his experience and feelings he built, the positive of the walls he should overcome, with summer heat and festival!

by / Nagai Kazuyuki


“Dandigi” is the current feeling towards summer! 2nd Live Will Also be Fun and Very Hot!!

– Please tell us the theme for this time.
Kakihara: For myself who likes summer, it is a mini album that I anticipated to be released in summer. 2nd Solo Live will also be held in summer, so I hope that it would complete with summer heat, brightness and fun.

-「Dandigi」(Lead song) is a fun party tune with rap, reggae, samba.
Kakihara: It is done by youthK, who did「Kimite」by Kana Nishino, etc. It sounds like various music is partying, and is a song that can make everyone feel the party under the sun.

– By the way, what’s the meaning of the song title?
Kakihara: There’s no specific meaning to it (laugh). Introduction to the temporary song had “Dandigi Dandigi Dandigi Dan Dan”, and there was no title then, so when I called it「Dandigi」, it got its own place. It gets used to it easily and sounds good, so we use it as it is. We hope to deliver the summer fun and Kakihara Tetsuya wants to have fun with everyone. The title for the mini album has also decided with this flow.

– There’s strength to progress such as “breaking heart’s block” and “go! passing through the other side of the wall” besides bunch of bright words.
Kakihara: The theme for the lyric is “block”, so there are various feelings of wanting to pass the wall, gathering the experience, breaking it, picking up the broken pieces like the broken Berlin Wall that I grew up. As for me, there’s also a feeling of wanting to challenge myself and not stick with the block that I built at Kiramune.

– “There’s an upper tune for Supernova with carved rhythm like “Don’t stop music!! ~ dance endlessly” and makes your heart and body jump.
Kakihara: I like that part! Like “GENERATION” that is included in this mini album, there’s freshness and the beat that suitable for the tempo I also like the powerful of “Between the cloud, when I saw the light, I will go and meet even if the sky is broken” and “Falling for 100 times and get up 100 times”.

– There are more than 60 times of “Come on” in「Come on x3」, and I wonder how near you wants us to get near (laugh).
Kakihara: I would like a song that can run and heat up during the live, so I asked Yutaka Nagareta from Nagareda Project to make it. It had the band feel and entertainment that is like them, and catchy so I’m sure everyone can sing along. I like the lyric that has feeling toward to music and image of myself.

– What is the lyric that made you feel it’s like yourself??
Kakihara: “Gasuketsu ni Narumade Tanoshimou (Let’s have fun until you’re out of gas)” or “Kinou yori mo Ashita Ashita yori Assatte (Tomorrow rather than yesterday, the day after tomorrow rather than tomorrow)”, maybe. The lyric after that is always “Come on” (laugh).

-「inside wall」is such an vanquish and emotional song.
Kakihara: I have put the miner rock that I like into it. Actually, it was one of the candidates for including in『Call Me』, and had it in my iphone and computer. I finally noticed it when preparing for this mini album. “Wall” has the word and nuance for the rest of tracklist, but only this song is obvious (laugh).

– I can feel the huge determination and strength such as “Kizutsuku no wa Kowakunai (I’m not afraid of getting hurt” even though there’s lyric for frustration and worry.
Kakihara: It’s a hard song, so I think it’s suitable for deep darkness and loneliness. However, its easy to deliver simple feeling and message, so it’s easy to feel it by heart, I think.

-「Kimi no Koe ni」is such a love ballad that explains men’s unable of standing up from the broken heart.
Kakihara: It’s such a pure thought about there’s no end to love. I don’t like that kind of weakness, though (laugh). I though about singing men’s weakness, too. The lyric is delicate that is suitable for beautiful melody, so it’s suitable for both men and women to sing it.

– The chest is with the pain when hearing the voice with sadness that feels like we’re going to break.
Kakihara: I’m glad. First chorus is piano only, and sang delicately with the feeling of caring the crystal. I entered into the world of the song as if I acts the main character during the recording and sang with good feeling. I think this song is the key to the album besides「Dandigi」

– The jump in the jacket photo is incredible that I can feel you in the photo jump out even now.
Kakihara: We took one pose with various outfits and places, and connected them like a block. I also wanted to show the liveliness of「Dandigi」in the booklet, so I think there are many cuts that I got excited. I also tried wearing afro shirts and shorts with straps that I rarely wear normally.

-「Dandigi」MV is also with summer mood color with heat and fun.
Kakihara: It was beginning of the rain season, so on the day of the filming was raining. We were in a giving up mood, but I, as a “sunny guy” said「It’s ok!」It got sunny when photo taking for『Call Me』Jackets. When we actually filmed, the rain stopped and the sun entered. It became a clip of full of festival, as if 4 dancers and I fooled around in Germany. Everyone, please don’t feel awkward when watching the MV (laugh).

– The theme for last live was same as 2nd Single, which we can enjoy even we cross generations, how about his time?
Kakihara: There’s no change to everyone can have fun, but we add this time with the fun and heat of the summer. I would like to make a live that can make energy with moving the body without thinking anything. I would like to hear「Kimi no Koe」too! There’s full of my suggestions to spending year 2014 summer in this mini album, I also plan to make “Dandigi” a trend word to make whole Japan heat up!


Tetsuya Kakihara Solo Live 2014
[Chiba] Maihama Amphitheater
August 23 (Saturday) OPEN 18:00/START 19:00
August 24 (Sunday) OPEN 16:00/START 17:00

Tetsuya Kakihara 4th Mini-Album
Dan Thigi Dan
July 30, 2014 Release

Regular Edition

Deluxe Edition CD+DVD (Limited Edition) LACA-35426 ¥3,100 (without tax)
・ Including DVD with MV「Dandigi」,『digest of “TETSUYA KAKIHARA First Live ‘GENERATIONS””』, TRAILER
・ Limited time Release Tokuten: Message Card
※ The message and photo is different from regular edition

Regular Edition CD Only LACA-15426 ¥2,000 (without tax)
・ Limited time Release Tokuten: Message Card
※ The message and photo is different from deluxe edition

Publisher: Lantis / Kiramune Project Distributor: Bandai Visual

4th Mini Album Release Event
Talk and Deliver Event

August 30 (Saturday) [Sendai] Nagachou RIPPLE
First Part OPEN 12:30/START 13:00
Second Part OPEN 15:30/START 16:00

September 6 (Saturday) [Tokyo]TSBS Hall
First Part OPEN 12:30/START 13:00
Second Part OPEN 15:30/START 16:00

Please check official site for ways of participation!!

Source: Anican
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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