[STAFF BLOG] 2014.07.30 Kakihara Tetsuya『Dandigi Dan』Jacket & PV shooting report!

Today July 30 release! We will introduce the back-story when we took the CD jackets and filmed the PV for Kakihara Tetsuya’s『Dandigi Dan』!

The weather is very good to the extend that there’s no single cloud on the day of CD jacket taking. The temperature rose up when the time spends. As we get very sweaty in this sunny day, it became suitable for taking summer release of『Dandigi Dan』.


Taking at the rooftop. The sunshine is so strong, so it looks bright when it shines on the board reflector.

Filming the Jump cut for the pose we use on the cover.
Kakihara-san tries many times to aim for the best shot!

After photoshooting on the rooftop, he cools his face down with the cool pet bottle and getting refreshed!

Changing the outfit and taking inside.
White and blue strap on the wall and black and white short pant attracts out eyes.

We take the same shots of Jump cuts over and over even inside.
Kakihara-san, who got a hang of the shots, began to show cool jump cuts!

End of photoshooting!
The CD Jackets this time shows full of active and charming Kakihara-san.

Up next is the report of filming of the PV of lead song『Dandigi』!
We have prepared for filming outside, but the day of filming was raining…
On the bus, however, Kakihara-san said “It will be surely ok!”, and wasn’t bothered with the bad weather.
Leaving the city, we arrived the place for filming. The rain slowly became weak, and the sun began to shine through the sky as if the weather in the morning is fake!

Kakihara-san made “Sunny guy” Legend again, as he got high tension, the filming began!

Aloha shirt that is suitable for summer this time.

『Dandigi』PV was filmed with lively atmosphere as if we hold party with friends, which matches with open-minded positive lyric.

During the break, Kakihara-san gets in the car with his sunglass on!

There are fashionable items like cars and furnitures, not just buildings and garage.

Kira Kira dancers, who we are used to, joins the PV filming this time.

Everyone cheers!

Scenes that matches 『Dandigi』 as they sing and dance.

The song images summer, so it is suitable for filming outside with the sunshine!

Kakihara-san who takes an evening break in a hammock, and there’s someone who is planning to do something…
(Please check the PV for contination)

Taking a photo with everyone after finishing filming!

It was a lively and fun fimling experience.
Please check the complete PV and enjoy the smile from Kakihara-san that covers summer sunshine!

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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