[BLOG] 2014.08.10 So that’s how it is?

This morning, I returned to Tokyo.

Yesterday was MeiKoi’s public program in Nagoya.

As usual the weather was bad.
This time it was a typhoon.
There were people who participated in the bus tour with attractions such as the stroll through the Meiji village.
Nevertheless, everyone that I met at the meeting was able to have a big amount of fun.

People that participant from outside of Nagoya were a bit worried about returning home, I hope everything went okay.

Thank you everyone for coming!!

Okamoto-kun’s new album will be released soon! Yay!!
This time it also looks good!


The rising tension is over, Yay!!

The scene where we jumped when we entered the backstage.

Huge!! Lot’s of seats!! Bright, moody and full of mystery!!

Which reminds me..

From the Shinkansen’s green ticket window, all the way home was excessively crowded.
There was certainly the impact from the typhoon,

but it’s the O-Bon Festival as well (^◇^)

So that’s why.

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: Izumi Ishida (Kiramune All Stars)


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