[STAFF BLOG] 2014.08.13 Okamoto Nobuhiko『Parading』Cover Jacket & PV Shooting Report!

Released today on August 13th! We deliver to you the scenery for the photography of the cover jacket and the shooting of the PV for Okamoto Nobuhiko’s 3rd Mini Album『Parading』.

The cover jacket’s photographs were done on one side of the studio’s wall, by projecting images of a magical setting that match the look of a fantastical world.

The cover jacket wouldn’t have that fantastical feeling to it if not for Okamoto-san’s costume, with a black suit, a hat and a cane in his hand.

Practicing poses using the cane, in between takes!

Changing from a black suit to a white one. This one is also chosen in the same way!

Arranged by the colorful shoes that he’s wearing.

With the image of「Master BadMoon」, the shooting is set in a bewitching background with bats flying around.

This time, it’s photographs taken against a background with a blue sky and a white sandy beach.

It’s as if he’s using magic with his cane, isn’t it?

We were able to take photographs with a fantastical feeling in a variety of different backgrounds.
To find out which photographs were chosen to be included in the end, please check out the cover jacket and the lyric booklet!

Next, is the report of the shooting of the lead song「SHOW☆TIME」PV.
This time, the shooting is done in the middle of the stage with a show theater set.

Against this extravagant background, what kind of show will Okamoto-san put on? This is really exciting.

Following the same theme as the cover jacket shooting, Okamoto-san once again appears wearing a black suit with a hat and holding a cane.

Photography of magic! In the first part of the magic show, he is using a handkerchief.

While being led by a magic instructor, as he performs the tricks on the spot, it seems like he’s feeling a bit nervous.

After trying several times, he succeeds without any problem! He is overflowed with his natural smile.

The hardest magic trick that he performed, was the one he performed on a table himself.
What happens after this…? (For the rest, please watch the PV!)

We can’t of course forget the sweets, in between the takes.
Enjoying joyfully the delicious dorayaki that the staff provided.

After receiving the energy from the sweet snacks, the filming continues. He even caught a pigeon on his fingertips!

The hard struggling magic show that lasted until midnight is finally completed successfully!

In the completed PV, please enjoy Okamoto-san’s magic show of smiles and dreams.

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: Izumi Ishida (Kiramune All Stars)


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