[BLOG] 2014.08.16 Summer Festival


We went to see the first day of『ONE-HEART MUSICAL FESTIVAL 2014 Summer』that Miyu-kun, Ueguchi-kun, Moriyama-kun, Senda-kun participates. The contents are many. You will be able to see each and everyone’s new side (if you go check it out)! Please be anticipated U(^O^)U
We uploaded a photo of Miyu-kun and Ueguchi-kun.
This is the message from Miyu-kun.
「This is my second time at ONE-HEART!! I’m experiencing different feelings comparing to last time!!
Please enjoy gem-like musical members!!
I will be waiting at the theater ♪( ´▽`)」
This is the message from Ueguchi-kun
「The heat for this summer will be blew away by ONE-HEART”!! This is the only one!!
I will be waiting☆」

Source: Miyuta Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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