[BLOG] 2014.08.02 Namikawa Daisuke 2nd Solo Live!!

Namikawa Daisuke-san 2nd LIVE

I dance for it for two days: Saturday and Sunday!

It has been one week.
There’s still some memory to it.w

It was a LIVE that it can stay that long.

Thank you very much ^ ^

The customers are warm, etc.*
We were talking about everyone who come to see Namikawa-san’s LIVE are all wonderful among the staff*

I think Namikawa-san is this kind of personality.

I’m sure there are many people who came to like Namikawa-san even more from this LIVE!

I like him because he’s so warm ^ ^

I’m happy to come to second LIVE together with Namikawa-san since first solo LIVE ^ ^
We had sweat together since rehearsal!!
No, it was many that it was waterfall! w

Hiromasa-chan joined from this time, but he already joined our group! w
Hiromasa-chan and I, we danced for the first time, but I realized for the first time that we are in good balance *
New discovery ^ ^

I’m so sad that 100 knocks with aniki, dance practice are ended.

I was able to do something other than dancing this time, so I was nervous yet excited, it was so fun!
I like the team so much including band-sans this time! I had this feeling and I had so much fun ^ ^!

There are many parts I got to do it freely, so I personally had fun.

There are fun only for Kirafes, but there were something that only can be done during the solo LIVE this time and I had fun ^ ^
The LIVE that only can be done by aniki!

I got cheered and healed by everyone’s smile!

We received flowers for the dancers, too ^
Thank you!
I’m happy to feel that everyone’s thinking that the dancers are needed*

Thank you for those who gave us letters T^T!
It has delivered safely and I have read all of them *

I’m alive from the cheering words ^ ^
I’m thankful for warm fans.

A bit of the personal part has been revealed during solo live this time ww
Yes, I’m basically easy to be fluttered w

Please care for me even though I’m like that ^ ^

Daisuke, Daisuki!! ♪

Everyone, Daisuke~~~!!!! ♪


Source: Kakefuda Takurou Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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