[INTERVIEW] 2014.08.22 Online RPG『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』Character Song Album: Huey by Kakihara Tetsuya-san Interview

Character Song Album『Character Song CD ~Song Festival~』which sung by popular characters of Online RPG『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』(PSO2 for following) will be released on August 27.


This album includes 6 character songs and mini drama, which has written for the album, also includes items codes for「*Singer Mic」(Buki Meisai, which means the equipment for the game).「CD Package Matt」(Room Goods),「Male Gettem Haruto Voice」,「Female Lisa Voice」etc. in limited edition. It will be a very valuable CD.

We interviewed Huey by Kakihara Tetsuya who sung「Ultimate Energy」in『Character Song CD ~Song Festival~』this time! We asked Kahihara-san who doesn’t lose the high tension comparing to passionate guy Huey about the comment about singing the character song, the point for listening, and more! The heated summer will blow away by listening to Huey’s song!?

● Huey (Kakihara Tetsuya-san) Interview

――Please tell us about the character you voiced.

Kakihara Tetsuya-san (Kakihara-san for following):「Huey」is a character who is one of the members of legendary「Rokubou Kinkou」. He has a potential, very passionate man. However, he is being called「noisy」by other characters around him (laugh) ‘Uza’ character, maybe? But that ‘Uza’ part is the cute part of him and everyone loves him, I think (laugh).

――「Uza Kawaii」, is it? (laugh)

Kakihara-san: Yes, that is correct. However, you know when you follow the story of『PSO2』that it is a good part, unexpectedly. Dynamic and unprecedentedly unseen, yet unsocial and very human-like character.

――When you sing the character song, what do you being careful of while acting out the character?

Kakihara-san:「Noisy」is one point I was being careful when acting him out.

Both: (LOL)

Kakihara-san: Huey yells all the time, so I had to think about the before and aftewards when acting out. I was like that today, too (laugh). It was hot today in Tokyo, I tried my best to deliver「hot Huey」to everyone. If I sing as usual Huey, the melody will disappear and will be yelling instead of singing, so I sang while trying not to break the character, by shout singing as if Huey is singing it.

――The character song album is releasing, what do you think about the song you sang?

Kakihara-san: Huey’s song is「Ultimate Energy」. When I received this work, I thought it would be rock or metal, punk, but it was unexpectedly pop and bright (laugh). It is a song that the melody jumps a lot. Everyone who hear it would probably think,「Huh? Huey sings this kind of song, too?」.

――What’s the place to listen? Please tell us about the lyric and the song. Also, if you experienced difficult part, please tell us, too.

Kakihara-san: The content of the lyric is character’s inside, but it is a song that would keep you think that Huey is a「positive baka」(laugh). The lyric is hot. You will understand when you hear the content of the poetry, his action will pop out from inside. He keeps like that as always, and the song expresses the same way. You might like the ‘Uza Kawaii’ Huey even more when listening to the song.


――『PSO2』began since July 2012, and it will be 3rd year this year. There are progression not only from the game, but also character song and more. The main story enters『Episode 3』this summer. What do you expect from the progress in the future?

Kakihara-san:『PSO2』is a very popular game. There are some casts who play it! It is a game that everyone notice it, so I hope it would get any adaptations. Though, I would get tired from voicing Huey every week…

Both: (LOL)

Kakihara-san: The energy… It’s tiring (laugh). Besides the joking,『PSO2』starts from the game, and there are drama CDs and character song album, so is it wrong that it would naturally lead into any adaptations? Also, if there will be any adaptations, I would hope that Huey would get any active part in the story (laugh). Because Huey stands out, so it’s ok to use him? I look forward to any adaptations.

――Lastly, please give the fans your message.

Kakihara-san: I was able to sing character song this time is because I heard that I was high on the character popular poll. I feel like I’m having a stroke of unexpected good luck. I couldn’t expect that Huey would be a very popular character. I really thank everyone for choosing him. Since he got into ranking, I cannot let you guys listen to boring song! I’m going to borrow what he always says this line, but I have sang it “the fullest”. Also, mini drama will be connected to next “PSO2” world, so I hope everyone, either playing it after listening to the album or not playing, would enjoy the world.

Production Information
■「PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2」Character Song CD~Song Festival~
Release Date: August 27, 2014
Price: 2800 yen + tax
Release from: Frontier Works


★ Cover: Newly drawn by Mizuno Artist
★ Including 6 Character songs by popular characters and mini drama!
★ Mini-drama’s scenario is newly written by “PSO2” team!

01. Prologue
02.「Gemini Quality」vocal. Patty & Tia
03.「Ultimate Energy」vocal. Huey
04.「kitty girl」vocal. Io
05.「Shura no Yami ni」vocal. Gettem Haruto & Merufon Shiina
06.「Try to take me again」vocal. Zeno
07.「Dangan Show Time」vocal. Lisa
08. Epilogue

Zeno (CV: Kimura Ryohei)
Gettem Haruto (CV: Tobita Nobu)
Merufon Shiina (CV: Hanazawa Kana)
Huey (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Lisa (CV: Hanazawa Kana)
Patty (CV: Asumi Kana)
Tia (CV: Iguchi Yuka)
Io (CV: Taketatsu Ayana)

◆ Limited edition Item Code Tokuten
【Until August 31, 2016 23:59】
・「*Singer Mic」(Buki Meisai)
・「CD Package Matt」(Room Goods)
・「Male Gettem Haruto Voice」
・「Male C Gettem Haruto Voice」
・「Female Lisa Voice」
・「Female C Lisa Voice」
・「Ticket to receive FUN500 points」

Related Information
【Currently Releasing】
Drama CD『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2~Project Dream Arcs!~』
Serial Number: FFCP-0019
Price 2800 yen + tax
Release from: Frontier Works


Source: Animate
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)


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