[STAFF BLOG] 2014.08.27 Kamiya Hiroshi『Hareyon』Jacket & PV Shooting Report!

We will deliver CD Jacket and PV filming report for Kamiya Hiroshi’s 3rd mini-album『Hareyon』that released today on August 27th!

First, from CD Jacket shooting.
Kamiya-san is more blessed with the weather on photo shooting day than usual.
The day was a really good weather since the morning. It was a refreshing start!


Nice shot with a blue sky that makes you relaxed on the background!



They also changed between different studios during the shooting as well!


Kamiya-san with sweets in front of him. His smile showed up naturally.


Changing to a rough outfit , with relaxed mood.

Lastly with formal suit!

Photos of Kamiya-san representing the “Human Emotions” in a variety of facial expressions have been published on the CD.
The 24page booklet, that will be bundled with luxury edition, is also worth checking out. Please check it out!

Next with「GLORIOUS TIME」PV shooting report.
This time the PV was filmed in a big studio with a white background.


Kamiya-san appeared simply with white T-shirt, pants, sneakers!

Within an area without any ornaments or devices, Kamiya-san sings, jumps around and sometimes lies down, he tries to express himself freely with various movements to match the music.

The filming ended quickly and safely, Otsukare-sama deshita!

Kamiya-san talking joyfully with Director Kawatani after the filming.

Please check the making DVD that includes in deluxe edition for the conversation!

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: clstmk + Izumi Ishida (Kiramune All Stars)


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