[INFO] 2014.09.06 Yoshino Hiroyuki 2nd Mini Album Title Decided & Official Tokutens Information

The title for Yoshino Hiroyuki 2nd Mini-album that releases October 29 and tokuten has been decided!

■2nd Mini Album『Peace』
Deluxe Edition【CD+DVD/Limited Edition】LACA-3546/3,100 yen (without tax)
Regular Edition【CD】LACA-15462/2,000 yen (without tax)

Animate: 2L Bromide with Copied Signature
Gamers: L-size bromide
Tora no Ana: L Bromide
Tower Records: L Bromide
Neo Wing: L Bromide
Seven Net Shopping: L Bromide
Animega・Bunkyodo (※except for some stores): L Bromide
Chara-Ani・KORDER: L Bromide
BVC: 2 L Bromide with Copied Signature & Message

※Please check each shop for detail.

We will announce the design when decided!

Source: Kiramune HP
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune All Stars)