[NEWS] 2014.08.27 Suzumura Kenichi and Kamiya Hiroshi offer a big climax once again!「Kamen Raji Ranger RajiRen Matsuri 2014」Report!


The show that is broadcasted every friday night from 00:30 on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and the popular radio show program that is broadcasted at 00:00 every sunday night on Radio Fukushima「Toei Kounin Suzumura Kenichi ・ Kamiya Hiroshi no Kamen Radiranger」. On Tuesday August 5th 2014, the program event was held for a second time. It’s name was「RajiRen Matsuri 2014」. From here on, we will introduce the event’s pattern.

From Hamatsuchou’s cultural broadcast, transferring to the Nakano Sun Plaza, the「RajiRen Matsuri」was held there. Many fans had rushed to go to the venue. The percentage of how many women were there was amazing. Thanks to the popularity of Suzumura-san and Kamiya-san, 90% of the audience consisted of female fans.

After the end of the event’s opening, they started first of all with the 97th publicly recorded broadcast. The guest was the suit actor who played the red warrior, GaoRed from 「Hyakujyuu Sentai Gao Ranger」and currently directs the action scenes in「Retsusha Sentai Tokkyuujaa」, Fukuzawa Hirofumi-san. And as an assistant, there was Endo Miki-san from (KAMEN RIDER GIRLS’s Forze).

In the「Tokusatsu Sentai Radiranger RX」corner, Fukuzawa-san thought up a heroic Sentai pose for Suzumura-san, Kamiya-san and Endo-san. As expected from Fukuzawa-san, with just a little bit of advice, all three of them were able to make gestures that reminded you of the heroes, it was really suprising.

Also, as I especially loved Fukuzawa-san’s Shinken Red in「Samurai Sentai ShinKenjaa」, especially when he was introducing the fans mail for Red’s “Haimen Uke”. On the stage, Fukuzawa-san gave us a special sight by even showing off the “Haimen Uke” move.

Next where the e-mails, presenting questions that really showed the fondness that fans have for Fukuzawa-san’s Red. Fukuzawa-san talked about his fondness for GaoRed as he was the first character he played. GaoRed’s characteristic movements were those of a beast, so he had to keep a low posture, which was very difficult.

Also, in the role of the hero that he played until now, he was asked which was the most impressive enemy he had. In response to that question, he answered「Samurai Sentai Shinkenger」’s Fuwa-Juzo. Although ShinKenjaa Red fought on horseback, it was Fukuzawa-san’s first time riding a horse, and he was able to begin shooting after practising for 2 days. Suzumura-san and Kamiya-san were impressed with his quote of “I had to keep in mind of doing everything, while not falling down”.

Fukuzawa-san hasn’t only played the roles of a hero, but also a variety of other characters. He said that he had played the role of the Gurongi Phantom enemy in「Kamen Rider Kuuga」. As Gurongi, Fukuzawa-san had to match with the specifications of the wet suit, it seems like it was pretty difficult, because it wouldn’t fit right. Even though Fukuzawa-san was told to not sweat so much either, still a lot of sweat had accumulated at the feet, in the Gurongi suit, he talked about what a harsh suit it was.

Among all the excitement, the recording of the 97th radio show ended. That’s when the event specific special corner「This is one story that you want to watch with everyone in the venue」 began. On Toei’s official YouTube channel, the 33 episodes of “Kikaider 01” and “Hijou Kozure Gorilla Namida・Namida” were released in mid-August, so Suzumura-san and Kamiya-san decided to watch some of it with audio commentary.

Speaking of “Kikaider 01”, since it’s original broadcast in 1973, 41 years have passed by. It gives a feeling of pleasure, as it stands out from the rest for it’s character models and story. Suzumura-san and Kamiya-san invited laughter to the audience, as they entered comments about it being such a long time ago, with a big gorilla that was born as an assassin of a large criminal organization that worked in the shadows and the sad fate of the mini gorilla. Such feelings of sadness that no-one else can understand. They stated how they were drawn into the complex drama between the unique characters.

“Kikaider 01” and the previously created “Homunculus Kikaider”, weren’t just fun hero action series, but presented robots that appeared to express feelings more delicate that humans, which drew you in due to the sad drama scenes. If you are interested in the world of Kikaider and want to watch the episodes, please go to YouTube and deliver the DVD’s, this is where you can watch all the episodes.


Subsequently, the public recording part resumes. The guest for the 98th recording is Nakata George, who has been playing the voice of the Overlord Ruler Roshuo in「Kamen Rider Yoroi」, that is reaching it’s climax. And as an assistant, Isaka Hitomi-san of (KAMEN RIDER GIRLS’s O’s).

Nakata’s deep edge roles in Toei tokusatsus as the narration of「Kamen Rider 000 / O’s」, the role of「Yoroibu」’s Roshuo, Sir Kaura’s role in 「Choushinsei Flash Man」(1986), the role of the Large Professor Bierce in「Choujii Sentai Live Man」(1988), because he always played a villainous character, he was not so popular.

On the stage, pictures were projected of Sir Kaura, Large Professor Bierce and his young guest appearance in「Tokkyuushirei Soul Brain」(1991), due to the coolness, much commotion came from the crowd. Nakata-san was pleased to reveal the inside story of “Bierce’s skull ring, that he spent half a day hunting for in Harajuku and is now taking care of.”

In addition, about Sir Kaura “As Kaura was in the top ranks of the organization or when the subordinates would think, that being a third rate is a good character.” and after talking about the charm of the character “Because he has a mustache, he has to think before he eats during recording. Nori Bento is good but Unaju is no good. Because all the sauce would stick to the beard (Haha)” and it was revealed that it was a big struggle.

In「Tokkyuushirei Soul Brain」’s 20th episode “Take off the tears restraints!”, Nakata-san played the FBI Instructor David Kosugi who responded to the main character, Nishio Daiki (Solb Raver). He talked about the backstory of this episode, as it took over a day to film the battle scene with the flashy blasts, and other things such as the bazooka that he had was suprisingly not as heavy as he thought. In addition, to the question that Kamiya-san asked “Do you want to fight as the role of a hero?”, he answered “You have to pardon my body (Haha)”.

Finally, he spoke with「Kamen Rider Yoroibu」’s Roshuo’s voice. Nakata wanted to give a sense of Marlon Brando from “The Godfather” when he played the role of Roshuo, it seems that he would hold a tissue balled-up in his mouth when he would speak out loud.


With that, the public recording part of the event ends with much excitement. Next, for the live part of the event, the guest Kushida Akira-san is welcomed for「Toku Song Matsuri 2014」. Kushida-san sang songs ranging from「Retsusha Sentai Tokkyuujaa」, to「Shusshuppoppo! Tokkyuujaa」. The 6 characters from Tokkyujaa also appeared and showed off their “High Grade Gymnastics” along with Kushida-san.

Then KAMEN RIDER GIRLS came on to the stage on behalf of Kushida-san. They sang the ending theme for “Kamen Rider Wizard”, “Last Engage”, and also「Kamen Rider Yoroibu」’s ending theme “E-X-A- (ExcitingxAttitude). They lived up the venue with their dynamic singing and intense dancing abilities.


Then Kushida-san appeared once again, singing a medley of three theme songs from the “Space Sheriff”, “Space Sheriff Gavan”, “Space Sheriff Sharivan” and “Space Sheriff Scheider” series. And also sang the teme songs for the the new series that will serve as a rebbot “Space Sheriff NEXT GENERATION”. Gabin, Sharivan and Scheider also rushed to the stage and decided on posing with cool poses.

With Kushida-san’s passionate song from Space Sheriff, along with the 3 space criinal investigators, Suzumura-san and Kamiya-san could not hold back their excitement. However, Toei’s hero is not the only space detective. For the final theme song, Kushida-san sang for the first time in front of a live audience the theme song from「Taiyou Sentai Sun Balkan」(1981). Everyone in the audience also rose from their seats and sang along.

Thus, the more than two hour event of the「RajiRen Matsuri 2014」came to an end with a big climax. The Live part and public recording were recorder by Toei video and will be released on DVD on Friday the 9th of January 2015. Please, by all means, check it out, as fans of the series.


Source: Koepota | animate | mynavi
Translation: Izumi Ishida (Kiramune All Stars)


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