[NEWS] 2014.09.24 The full story of Namikawa Daisuke & Yoshino Hiroyuki’s “Kiramune” program confirmed.


The content of a new TOKYO MX show「Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke・Yoshino Hiroyuki no Negoto」(Starts on October 6th, Every Monday night 1:00-1:05) which voice actor Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki will be the MC has been revealed.

Kiramune is a music label consists of popular male seiyuus, with made up word consists of “Kira Kira (Sparkling)” “Community” “Music”. There are CONNECT (unit consists Iwata Mitsuo, Suzumura Kenichi), Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Yoshino Hiroyuki etc in this label. Also working on activities with themes such as the representation of “voice” and events like the reading of dramas, not only being represented with musical activities.

The new program「Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke・Yoshino Hiroyuki no Negoto (Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki’s Sleep Talk)」, will be a talk variety show that will feature two people, Namikawa and Yoshino, who will introduce a variety of information surrounding “voice”. Through talking about valuable information and having challenges to play with the sound they make, it seems like it’ll be a program that will express, through two people, the work of a voice actor and will give us a glimpse of what is behind the scenes, in this line of work.

「Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke・Yoshino Hiroyuki no Negoto」
Starting October 6th (Monday)
Monday night 1:00-1:05
Broadcast on @TOKYO MX

Source: Walkerplus
Translation: clstmk + Izumi Ishida (Kiramune All Stars)


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