[NEWS] Announcing Top 10 of Favorite Seiyuus by Highschoolers who Aims for Anime and Seiyuu Field!

We asked the highschoolers who attended the Orientation of Anime / Seiyuu Schools in Tokyo through questionnaires about the their favorite seiyuu.

Second place, Kamiya Hiroshi, who not only did the extremely popular character Levi from『Shingeki no Kyojin』, but also voices of popular anime such as『Natsume Yuujinchou』and『Monogatari Series』and more. He is very popular to the extend that the fans hold “Kamiya Hiroshi Birthday Celebration” among themselves during his birthday.

【Top 10 Favorite Seiyuu of Highschoolers Who Aims to Be A Seiyuu】
1. Miyano Mamoru
2. Kamiya Hiroshi
3. Sawashiro Miyuki
4. Sugita Tomokazu
5. Mizuki Nana
6. Shimono Hiro
7. Kaji Yuki
8. Ono Daisuke
9. Hanazawa Kana
10. Park Romi

Source: Nico
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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