[BLOG] 2014.10.26『5 Controllers +1』

For those who watched yesterday’s Kiramune Presents Reading Live『5 Controllers +1』,

thank you very much.

I appeared as a guest cast in both the afternoon and evening shows as Otaku/kamui,

It was a really fun and eventful day- (smile)

Acting is so fun~

The roles were worth acting, and I was excited to think of how to build them up when I received the script.


I brushed them up by receiving advice of director Mizushima Seiji, who originally planned the live,

and was able to deliver on the stage to you in this form.

It was double cast,

Even if it’s the same character,
the actors of the afternoon and the evening shows interpreted the role, making, expression, stage performance, breathing, etc. differently.

I hope that everyone who came to see the show would bring back and enjoy many form of how the actors interpreted the story and the characters and made.

The costumes that prepared for everyone are very unique, which is one of the points to see.

The way to act out or express,

is not only one way, and there are many interpretations, so the world gets infinitely wide. That’s why it’s fun! (smile)

I’m so glad and had fun to be able to be called out as the guest. (Sparkling)

The members of Kiramune and staff, thank you very much. (smile)

There is also different guest for today’s shows.

Those who came to watch, please enjoy watching the different world of『5 Controllers +1』from yesterday. (smile) (wave)

After evening show yesterday, a photo while relieved.


Source: Hino Satoshi Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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