[INTERVIEW] Yoshino Hiroyuki 2nd Mini Album『Peace』Interview

Yoshino Hiroyuki-san’s 2nd mini-album is “Peace” which each song is adorable. Yoshino-san also commented after completing that it was “It was really blissful”. It will progress fast to the tour coming up later!

Stated by Kazuyuki Nagai


Singing Loudly to「Anthem」, and「CATWALK」in ladies’ perspective, etc. 2nd Mini-Album『Peace』that Includes Unique Songs

――First, please explain how album title『Peace』come from.
Yoshino: You might notice it already, but it’s just simply because it’s the 2nd CD.

――Eh? Do you mean “Peace” as in peace sign?
Yoshino: Yes, I’m an adult, so it’s a pun (laugh). Also there’s meaning of the “peace” everyone hope for, as well as the meaning of the creating like collecting the puzzle pieces together, and the mini-album has completed.

――What’s the concept or theme for the mini-album this time?
Yoshino: It’s not a concept for a CD, but like I did in 1st mini-album『Get Set』, it’s a collection of my favorite songs. Except last time was choosing from the draft songs, but this time they were mostly written through my images I told the director with several discussions.

――The feeling of singing loudly to the lead song「Anthem」is so “grand”.
Yoshino: Since there’s a live tour on December, I was thinking about making songs to start up and end the live, as well as heat the whole live. So the beginning of the song「Wow Wow Wow Wow」is for singing together with everyone.

――I felt World Cup from the lyric like「Adversity that reach adversity, we passed it many times」
Yoshino: I see (laugh). Actually the first heated up lyric got tilted on soccer side too much, so we had changed several times. I wanted to come up with the keywords that relates to soccer, too, but the most important thing I want to deliver is to progress while heated up and be one with everyone or bond.「Inherited Pride from Faraway」is from the senpai’s unbroken history of animation and seiyuu, as well as the mother teaching family taste. The song is about something to be inherited.


――「Samishigariya no Ballad」is a ballad song that expressed the feeling and sadness to the one you love through singing.
Yoshino: It was a production parallels to single「Do it」this time, it was made because I haven’t tried ballad before.

――「CATWALK」is such a sound with fashionable atmosphere, and that the lyric and the way you sung was surprising with the mature lady’s point of view. It was so refreshing.
Yoshino: Is that so? I wanted to sing a song like「Ladies and Gentlemen」from『Get Set』. Also I wanted to sing a rock taste like「Discover」, as well as「74R」. In the result, there are many songs that don’t match. It would be hard to image the lyric, so I talked with Kisuke-san.

――Anyways, I don’t think there’s unity of positiveness and a bit cute「my pace」? (laugh) So what’s the point to listen for this CD?
Yoshino: There are no songs that are similar to each other, and I like the messiness. If the theme is set, I get the feeling of strained, and I feel bad if the good songs are not included. To be able to sing good songs and the songs I want to sing to complete a CD is very blissful.

――CD Jacket is a contrast with black suit and colorful strings.
Yoshino: Staff hold each string and I want to get in, but I get stuck. Is it because I become an adult (laugh)? Tricolor ropes means the connection between everyone, and I hold them tightly, and to deliver the message that I’m connected. It’s this kind of image.

――「Anthem」MV with Yoshino-san, old gentleman, and a kid walking toward the strong wind. The clip is such warm at heart.
Yoshino: The theme is connection and tie-up. By 3 people with different generations working together, we progress by hold onto the important thing. Actually when doing it with the strong wind, I had trouble doing lip-sync, so we had strings tied up on the cloths so as if there’s actually strong wind blowing. Each filming gets the outfits dirty, this shows that the harshness makes present box more dirty (laugh).

――First live tour has also been decided. First is at Nagoya.
Yoshino: I’m looking forward to, but also worried at the same time. To sing many songs and do performance by myself is unbelievable, but also has the honest comment about it never know until I try. I also asked senpai about the stamina before the live, I asked「If I run I would be able to sing?」(laugh). It is helpful when I’m doing the same dates and same stage as Namikawa Daisuke-san, I have to stand on the stage by myself and it was my wish, so I have to try my best. How it will turn on? Let’s look forward to it!


Yoshino Hiroyuki 2nd Mini-Album Peace” Release on October 29th, 2014.
①Blue Lagoon ni Koi Shite
②Samishigariya no Ballad
⑤My Pace

Deluxe Edition CD+DVD LACA-35461 3,100 yen + tax
・Including DVD of MV for lead song, making, TRAILER
・First Press Benefits: Mesage Card
※Different Photo and Message from Regular Edition

Regular Edition CD ONLY LACA-15461 2,000 yen + tax
・First Press Benefits: Mesage Card
※Different Photo and Message from Deluxe Edition

Publisher: Lantis / Kiramune Project

Distributor: Bandai Visual

Yoshino Hiroyuki 1st Live Tour Part 1

December 13th (Saturday) [Aichi] Nagoya Diamond Hall OPEN 14:15 / START 15:00
December 14th (Sunday) [Aichi] Nagoya Diamond Hall OPEN 17:15 / START 18:00
Ticket 6,800 yen + tax (Free / Entrance Order Number)
Separate Drink Fee 500 yen

Kiramune Fan Meeting in YOKOHAMA
November 23rd (Sunday) [Kanagawa] Pacifico Yokohama National Big Hall

①OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00 ②OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30
Cast: Iwata Mitsuo [CONNECT] / Suzumura Kenichi [CONNECT] / Irino Miyu / Kamiya Hiroshi / Namikawa Daisuke / Kakihara Tetsuya / Okamoto Nobuhiko / Eguchi Takuya [Trignal] / Kimura Ryohei [Trignal] / Yonaga Tsubasa / Yoshino Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki Yoshino『Peace』Release Event

November 1st (Saturday) [Osaka] Animate Osaka Nihonbashi OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00
November 1st (Saturday) [Aichi] Nagoya Denki Buka Kaikan OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
November 2nd (Sunday) [Tokyo] Mirai Kenkyuukan Fun Theater 1 OPEN 12:00 / START 12:30
November 2nd (Sunday) [Tokyo] Mirai Kenkyuukan Fun Theater 2 OPEN 14:30 / START 15:00

Interview for Hiroyuki Yoshino New Single “Do it” (September 2014)
Anican | Translation

Anican R Sweet!! 005 Releasing November 6!! More Detail and Pre-order here:

Source: Anican
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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