[STAFF BLOG] 2014.11.04 Okamoto Nobuhiko『Parading』Release Event @ Osaka & Yokohama

The release event for Okamoto Nobuhiko-san’s 3rd Mini Album『Parading』was held on September 27th, 2014 (Saturday) at Animate Osaka Nihonbashi and September 28th (Sunday) at Animate Yokohama.

We already know Animate Osaka Nihonbashi-san, which is the first day this time for a long time.

When preparing for the event,
“Joy Max Poko”-san!

Joy Max Poko-san who just finished campaign at different floor on the same day came to greet Okamoto-san after learning there’s a release event.

We took the opportunity to ask him to take photo together!

By the way, he asked to pose something “Chuuni”, so… it’s perfect, right?
Thank you very much, Joy Max Poko-san!

To the event starts after happy meeting…

He discussed the concept for the album this time and each track during the talk corner.


Posing with「Oka-kun Mascot」that appeared as the good for the 2nd solo live at the end!

There was a different surprise during the Yokohama stage the second day!
There’s an illustration of Okamoto-san on the white board after opening up the backstage door!

Animate Yokohama-san, thank you for the wonderful welcome!

The talk for the second day is mainly about the background story of 2nd solo live, and more.

He was happy and took the ear monitor off because the audiences sang together with him. (Then the staff was in panic because the instructions cannot reach to him…)
After persuading the staff, he went to 2nd ~ 3rd floor seat, he was surprised and thought「I’m glad to do it!」etc. when seeing surprised and happy audiences, and more…
(From Kiramune Presents Nobuhiko Okamoto 2nd Live “DREAM WORLD”)

Please also check「Okamoto Nobuhiko 2nd Live『DREAM WORLD』Report!」that was posted on October 24th, 2014!

Posing again with「Oka-kun Mascot」at the end!

Thank you for those who came!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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