[STAFF BLOG] 2014.11.04「Kiramune Fan Meeting in OSAKA」Report!

To celebrate 5th anniversary of Kiramune label establishment, we are holding fan meetings in 5 places, and the 3rd is Osaka!
It was held in September 13th (Saturday) on Grand Cube Osaka.
As a total of fan meetings, it’s 5th time this time, and we have all Kiramune☆All Stars members!
We will introduce how it went at the backstage and behind the stage!

It was the first time all members participated the fan meeting, they sang「Get Together! (2014 ver.)」during the opening like KiraFes.


Actually, it was after Suzumura-san’s birthday the day before fan meeting.
We prepared the cake without telling him! The cake appeared after the live corner ends. Then…?
Ignoring the birthday star, somehow all other members of All Stars gathered around the cake.
The desert time continues for a while (laugh).

Eguchi-san seems to be happy in front of the cake.

The cake that appeared on the stage is as follows.
Even though the left edge got eaten a bit (laugh), it was a special cake with a portrait.

Backstage scenery.
This from behind… Is it Kamiya-san? Somehow he’s signing his autograph..

After a while, we discovered another one showing back. It’s Namikawa-san this time.
It seems like the display board with all members signing it has been completed during a free time.

The person with back this time… Yoshino-san.
He puts lots of energy in the practice to the choreography before the real show.

Fan meeting to the climax.
When CONNECT starts to sing「Pride」, which is first time reveal on this stage, other members join and sang heatedly together. Carrying this heat, they sang「EVER DREAM」, and the event ended peacefully.

Everyone took a photo with the Kira Kira dancers together at the end.

Thank you for those who came!
The next fan meeting will be on November 23rd (Sunday) at Yokohama!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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