[NEWS] 2014.11.05 First Original Work for Kiramune Reading Live This year! Charmed the Fans with the Slow and Fast Staging


Reading Live『5 Controllers + 1』Evening show was held on October 26th on Chiba Maihama amphitheater. It was a 2-hour heated show with Highschooler (Hiro) by Kakihara Tetsuya, Leader (Hajii-san) by Namikawa Daisuke, Newly Graduate (Aoi) by Kimura Ryohei, Dog (Koma) by Yonaga Tsubasa, Otaku (Kamui) by Ishikawa Kaito, Bar owner by Nojima Kenji.

The event that presents by a label『Kiramune』that providing seiyuus’ possible new expressions. Unlike theater, the stage pulls out the charming points of seiyuu is 3rd time this time. Also it is the first original work this time.


The story happens in present time. In the retro game cafe, which locates a bit far from the noisy city, the story starts with Hiro, Hajii-san, Aoi and Kamui gathers in an offline meeting. Guided by Koma and Bar owner, the four of them are having a heated game. The four of them later experienced lots of experiences like conflicts and connects each other through the game. While that, we also learned that the bar owner has a big scar in the past–.

When the show starts, Hiro, Hajii-san, Aoi and Kamui show up from the darkness. It starts with the four of them playing online games. The show was flamboyant with fire performance on the stage when they calls out ultimate skills!


The outfits become clear when the stage becomes brighter, Kimura wears a suits that separates in ratio of 7:3, as well as Ishikawa wearing black-framed glasses, which he fixes many times, with very stoop back, which caused the audiences calling “yellow-y”.

Kakihara shows sad expression as if he fell behind by the 3 of them, Yonaga said a line that causing went right in the chest,「Whatever happens, there’s a possibility of going forward as long as living」. Ishikawa acts out an otaku that stutters in real life yet can talk smoothly in the chat, who says「be prepared in 40 seconds!」which is from a popular work, the stage charmed the fans with having slowness and fastness.


Towards the end, there’s a corner that four of them seriously played『PAC-MAN BATTLE ROYALE』. Kimura wore the glasses that was hidden inside the outfit, the four of them playing freely while Yonaga explained about the game, etc. They had playful heart! When the game starts, the fans cheered for them with their hearts, and the four of them are seriously and heatedly played! Kakihara won this time and won a free ticket to high class Chinese restaurant with full smile.

When the story ended in excitement, we have received the comments from the casts.


Yonaga-san, who wore dog ear, said「Afternoon show was different. It became that different when members change.」


Kirmura said「Staff told me it seems I can do it when playing a new graduate” (painful smile). I had fun doing acting on the stage with Kiramune members that normally doing music together. I would like to do more in the future」.


Kakihara said「I did a high school student in two consecutive days, I feel like returning to the student life. I’m glad I was able to do an act with these great members on a huge stage. Everyone was able to express each role in limited time. I want to do this again!」.

(There are times they become dog ear form!)

Ishikawa said「Okamoto Nobuhiko, who is my senior from the agency I’m in, is in Kiramune. It was my first time participating reading live from a label he is in, it was really fun. I feel that because everyone supported me, so I hope it would continue.」 Kimura revealed by replying,「(Ishikawa) in high tension since before the show starts, and I can feel his heat」.


In order to show bartender outfit, Nojima turned around and said「I’m sorry I’m acting as I’m a regular cast (smile), I learned what bartender normally do」. Then he revealed,「it was me who named the dog “Koma” because the staff asked me to. The dog is an existence to look after the bar and is like guardian dog (Komainu)」and fans were surprised with the topic.


Finally, Namikawa said,「Reading live has reached 3 years. It’s the first original work, I hope everyone enjoyed it. We would like to try our best in order to show new things next year and the following year!」. Then he waved to the fans with every casts while the stage rotate to end the show.

■ The casts from each show
○ October 25th Afternoon Show
High school student (Hiro): Eguchi Takuya
Leader (Hajii-san): Kamiya Hiroshi
Newly Graduate (Aoi): Okamoto Nobuhiko
Dog (Koma): Yoshino Hiroyuki
Otaku (Kamui): Hino Satoshi
Bar Master: Maeno Tomoaki

○ October 25th Evening Show
High school student (Hiro): Kakihara Tetsuya
Leader (Hajii-san): Namikawa Daisuke
Newly Graduate (Aoi): Kimura Ryohei
Dog (Koma): Yonaga Tsubasa
Otaku (Kamui): Hino Satoshi
Bar Master: Maeno Tomoaki

○ October 26th Afternoon Show
High school student (Hiro): Eguchi Takuya
Leader (Hajii-san): Kamiya Hiroshi
Newly Graduate (Aoi): Okamoto Nobuhiko
Dog (Koma): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Otaku (Kamui): Ishikawa Kaito
Bar Master: Nojima Kenji

※ Official photos are from 25th Evening Show and 26th Afternoon Show.

October 25th Evening Show

26th Afternoon Show


Source: News Lounge | niconico news | repotama
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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