[NEWS] 2014.09.22 Fans are Heated up with Okamoto Nobuhiko 2nd Solo Live! The Stage with Full of Services by Touching Messages


Popular seiyuu and artist, Okamoto Nobuhiko, held his 2nd Solo Live『DREAM WORLD』on September 7th at Kanagawa Pacifico Yokohama National Big Hall, and packed with many audiences.

An event from Kiramune label that looks for seiyuu’s new possible expression, starting with Okamoto, there’s also CONNECT (Iwata Mitsuo, Suzumura Kenichi), Irino Miyu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Trignal (Eguchi Takuya, Kimura Ryohei, Yonaga Tsubasa), Yoshino Hiroyuki. Okamoto held his first solo live last August (See Article: Okamoto Nobuhiko First Solo Live! He Showed Growth Performance and “Can Only Show Thankfulness), it was his second solo live this time.

Live started with『SHOW☆TIME』, Okamoto appeared jumping with chic black outfit with silk hat. He said「I’m going to invite you to Dream World (Yume no Sekai) today! Let’s have fun!!」during the intermission, and heated up fans’ tension. Suddenly, he stopped singing during the song and the stage went dark! It is actually part of “magic”. Seeing everyone shocked, Okamoto said,「I’m going to spell a magic that everyone can enjoy!」. He shakes the stick on his hand and clutch grabbed fans’ heart with this surprise.


MC after singing 6 songs in a row, he is happy to hear that there are male fans who came to his live. He also discussed with Kimura Ryohei-san from Trignal what to talk during the MC, and he talked about what he wanted to do the most besides work and live.「I wanted to go to Cebu Island with Ryohei-san and others. If I told Wing (Yonaga Tsubasa) that there will be a DVD for the trip, he would get happy the most. He might say『what should I wear?』(smile). I think adding the narration by us is good, too」, he added his thoughts.

During “Okashi Sommelier”, he talked about the snacks that he suggests, as well as his thought on what kind of characters (regarding to the snacks) do the Kiramune members are suitable. There are times the audiences say「So cute!」「So cool!」. Okamoto, regarding to liking “Cute” part, said,「I’m thankful, but the cutest is Wing (smile)」and the fans agreed. He also talked about the bonds between other members,「CONNECT are like my parents. I was happy that Kamiya Hiroshi-san, who got close to me, called me『Nobu』」etc and he got the fans enjoyed.

He showed up the power up version of the talk comparing to last time, and he asked「do you have enough water?」. Thinking that he’s going to drink some water, but he showed a funny performance of getting some eye drop to show his sparkling character, which the stage is full of laughter. He showed a huge growth comparing to 1st solo live in dance, heating up and singing, etc and made us excite about the future possibilities.


In the middle, during the 10th song『Ai no Hanabata』, he went down the stage and showed the performance at the audience seat. Fans are excited by this, of course, but there’s even more! He gave the bouquets to the fans, which is a surprise that made the fans’ hearts squeeze!

MC after singing『Good Luck』, he mentioned why he chose to be a seiyuu. He said「I like the job」by showing natural expression. He told the fans,「thank you for coming to see me. I would like to create the live together with everyone. I always rely on everyone, and even this time it’s hard to do it by myself. Being thankful is not enough to express, so I would like to deliver my power even a little」with feelings. When he called out「Will you love me always?」, fans cheered back and Okamoto showed blissful smile. To deliver this feeling, he sang『DREAMLAND NEVEREND』by riding the truck around to get near the fans.

During the encore, he appeared singing『Mirai Sketch』from the 3rd floor of the audience seat and get in touch with the fans who are in full of excitement. He also went around 2nd floor and 1st floor, it was full of fan service! He mentioned with following touching message,「I wanted to go to the audiences no matter what! I would be happy if even just one person is happy by it」. While it is still heated up, he waved and said「Bye bye!!」. The fans clapped warmly while he leaves.


■ Set list for September 7th
M2: Positive Fighter
M5:Love Searcher
M6: Chronos no Furiko
M7: Nonbiri Yukouze!
M8: Hello Good Day
M9: Seishun Time Machine
M10: Ai no Hanabata
M11: Asphalt no Hana
M12: Master BadMoon
M13: Shunkan BEAT
M14: nonstop
M15: Eien Tokei
M16: Theme Song
M17: Good Luck

EN1: Mirai Sketch
EN3:Hello, Ms Sunshine


Source: newslounge | animate
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune All Stars)


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