[STAFF BLOG] 2014.11.19 CONNECT『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』Cover Jacket Photo-shoot Report!

CONNECT 4th Mini Album 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』 was released today November 19th! Today, we will deliver report on cover jacket photo-shoot!

We took the very first cut inside.
The concept this time, transformed into “Jetta Ningen” and start shooting.

Covering whole body with the specially made outfit and posing!
The two of them looking good!

Finishing up the indoor’s photo-shoot for now, and now moving outside.
The time we took was summer, and the temperature was high then, but it looks refreshing as if they don’t feel the heat!

Back to inside again, and taking with fully equipped!

Nice pose! The expression by the two are very lively.

In between the sessions, Suzumura-san instructed various poses to Iwata-san.

Iwata-san looking after Suzumura-san.

Iwata-san taking a short break after ending his solo cuts.
At the back, Suzumura-san is trying his best!

Next, photo-shoot at “Traditional House Studio”.

There’s love thorough the setting by the designer.
This props (magazine) is handmade! The art is deep.

Heroes need a rest too!
The sound of Osenbei is sounding around the room (laugh). Looks delicious!

We also took a cut of flying paper helicopter.
We used several cuts, but this paper helicopter was prepared by the designer-san, which was collapsible and created by the two of them in between sessions.

Good job, two of you! Paper helicopters flew beautifully!

End of photo-shoot at “Traditional House Studio”!
The two of them went out from the front door while saying 「So bright~!」
The weather is really nice outside.

Taking the final cut at the veranda.
Pointing faraway. What did they talk about…?

A memorial shot after photo-shoot!
Comparing to the photos above, the atmosphere is so different (laugh).

Both two of you, good work for the cover jacket photo-shoot!
Coming up next is PV Filming report. Please check that out too!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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