[STAFF BLOG] 2014.11.19 CONNECT 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』 PV Shooting Report!

CONNECT 4th Mini Album 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』 was released today November 19th! Today, we will deliver report on 「Pride」 PV shooting!

Meeting with the director before filming.
The image for this time is decided as they want to do something that “Kiramune label hasn’t done before”.

Currently checking the light on the site.
This is one of the points for the PV this time.

In between the session, we also took photos for the magazines.
This day was a midsummer day like the cover jacket photo-shoot day!
Even though the temperature is high, they still wear the outfit properly.

Posing with smile for the final shot.

We met Suzumura-san, who went to buy ice cream during the break!
There’s an ice cream that he was interested, so he shared with Iwata-san after going back to the backstage.
I wonder what kind of flavor it was?

After taking a break, we are back to PV shooting.
Lighting in a wide room has highlighted the two of you…

Oh? It seems like Suzumura-san is pointing above.

That is correct!
The first time ever filming for Kiramune label is 『Aerial』! We film two of them from their head.

The remote controller helicopter for aerial is here!
It is hard to see from the photo, but it is actually very large.

We also do maintenance thoroughly…and take off!

The sound of the propeller is loud when the remote controller helicopter is near the two of them.
The sound of the propeller, Iwata-san said 「Really scary!」 and was being scared (laugh).
The big point of the PV is this scene where we filmed from the above!
The camera angle and light would be created along with 「Pride」.

They talked with the director about the posing after the aerial.

Rising up their fists during the chorus was their idea.
It matches well with the light performance.

After finalizing the discussion, staff moved back.
They look after their performance from faraway.

We ended the filming session with the solo cuts.
The PV is full of things that are worth watching, Please check it out if you haven’t!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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