[INTERVIEW] CONNECT 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』 Interview

An Album that Describes 5 Years of the Tracks. A CD Compilation of Pursuing “Being Oneself”

Mini-Album of CONNECT, consisting of Iwata Mitsuo and Suzumura Kenichi, who announced a hiatus to their activity at the end of 2014, is a CD of compilation and back to the beginning. Full dash of One Man 2 days live that will be held at the end of the year starts!

Stated by Kazuyuki Nagai


It is a CD that includes Our “Good” and 5 years tracks (Iwata Mitsuo)
Let’s make a fun memory at the end (Suzumura Kenichi)

――First, what’s the meaning of the album title?
Suzumura: Iwata-san asked「what’s the word that has impact?」…
Iwata: Morocco kidney beans that I was into then. It has good feeling when saying, it’s kinda… (laugh). Also, it was an album with an image of flying, so we decided to have “Jetter” because it’s good to have a word with power.
Suzumura: Then we put “ningen” (human) at the end. “Jetter Ningen” sounds like a hero, and added “Ningen” because we wanted to put something in front. It’s catchy, but has the feeling of something wrong, I think the album title becomes symbolized.
Iwata: It’s a CD that pauses before the hiatus, so there’s also being ourselves.

――Lead Song 「Pride」 describes a CONNECT way of life.
Iwata: When thinking about a lead song, we had songs of entertainment like 「CRYMAX★LOVEMAX」 and 「Kone☆Sen」, etc., as well as straight and cool songs like 「Say Hello」 and 「Sakurairo」, right?
Suzumura: We wanted to make 「BREAKTHROUGH! ~Micchan Kenchan Jinsei Douchuuka Kurige~」 as the lead song as a fun before the break, 「Pride」 talks about our experience in summary, Watanabe Takuya, who wrote the lyric and composed to CONNECT’s important songs, we decided it as we were attracted to it.

――It became a song to sing together with everyone at the part with “WoW WoW”, and having a lyric that request a clap, etc.
Suzumura: Yes. We also sang during Kiramune Fan meetings, and we thought it’s suitable for singing live.
Iwata: Everyone would immediately give out their voices and would clap.

――Please introduce other songs too.
Suzumura: There are many songs. Really silly 「BREAKTHROUGH! ~Micchan Kenchan Jinsei Douchuuka Kurige~」.
Iwata: 「Key of soul」 is a sexy and with mature feeling.
Suzumura: 「Glory days」 is ballad and with pretty melody that I like it.
Iwata: We want to show that we can do any songs before the last. Also, we are glad to record something that means 「CONNECT」 2014 version.
Suzumura: We do always think about our range of what we should be doing, we do it in more definite way, and tried various singing way. It was a CD that experienced how mellow we can sing with 「Glory days」 was a challenge for us.
Iwata: We recorded with special feelings with “few more songs” in mind, so it has an unique feeling.


――CD Jacket reminds me of old hero work.
Iwata-san: Suzumura-kun and art director were happy about it (laugh).
Suzumura: You would know by the text, we aims for the setting of latter 60’s to early 70’s. With manga as motif and respecting Kuwata Jiro-sensei. We had fun starting from the meeting to on the day of filming.
Iwata: The instruction of the pose is detailed.
Suzumura: The fist putting in front is a fighting pose from 80’s. People in 60’s to 70’s used as the action for historical drama, so the center is low.
Iwata: I feel like wanting to do a spin-off when we do these much.
Suzumura: Then do CD drama in sonosheet form (laugh). There’s a setting of the adults that cannot forget to the works they admired to chase the dream to express the sorrow in this form.
Iwata: We took at the studio with Japanese housing, the design inside and the texture of the paper was good.
Suzumura: The illustrations is also a must see!

――The two sing among the light in the darkness 「Pride」 MV
Iwata: Director 「we did deep things, so let’s do a cool video that goes back to the beginning. Let’s omit the extra and do it in minimal」.
Suzumura: At first I couldn’t match the feeling of black base with filming from the above even though it’s a bright song. I feel weirdness with the song, I became fond of it because I thought it’s better.
Iwata: Filming at the exhibition-like place, smoke is created at midsummer, so can’t use air conditioner. Rain guy like me went in good direction (laugh). The use of remote controller helicopter to film from the above was cool.
Suzumura: We did delicate moves, the battery only has 1/4. It was an interesting filming.

――What’s the point to listen for the album?
Iwata: We started at the same time as Kiramune established, we have a conscious that we are the important icon for the label, as we do wide range of activities, juniors could do freely. It is a CD that includes our “goodness” and was able to include 5 years of our path.
Suzumura: We feel like we have completed a summary art of what we have done. We’ve done what we like to do and there’s a feeling of concluded tightly at the end. It feels like a hodgepodge, I hope that you can feel that the CD has each taste of being CONNECT.

――Then, please tell us your enthusiasm of the one-man live at the end of the year.
Iwata: I will enjoy it, of course! We’re prepared through this mini-album, so what’s left is to explode together with the audiences on the stage! We just have fun and with smile until the end!
Suzumura: When we lined up the songs for the set list, there are wide range of the songs. Are there any artist wide range like this? We can do mellow and fooling around, as well as deliver message strongly. Let’s make fun memory with us, which is like that!


CONNECT 2nd Live

December 27th (Saturday) Zepp Tokyo OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
December 28th (Sunday) Zepp Tokyo OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00
Free seat Ticket: 7200 yen + tax (3 years old or older are paying / separate fee for drink / entering with entrance order number)

CONNECT 4th Mini-Album 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』
November 19th, 2014 Release

Publisher: Lantis / Kiramune Project

Distributor: Bandai Visual

①CONNECT 2014mix
②Key of soul
③Glory days

Deluxe Edition|CD+DVD|LACA-35462|¥3,100+tax
・DVD include MV「Pride」, making, TRAILER
・First Press Benefits: Message Card (Different photo and message from Regular edition)

Regular Edition|CD ONLY|LACA-15462|¥2,000+tax
・First Press Benefits: Message Card (Different photo and message from Deluxe edition)

CONNECT 『Ningen! Jetta Ningen』 Release Event
November 29th (Saturday) [Osaka] Cleo Osaka North START ①12:30 ②14:30 ③16:30
November 30th (Sunday) [Tokyo] Science Hall START ①12:30 ②14:30 ③ 16:30

Source: Anican
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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