[BLOG] 2014.11.22 Departure

It feel like I’ve been continue making it
It was more than I thought

My first full album

Various time that everyone can experience

“It’s ok (to take some time) because there’s still time”
When I realized
“Ah! I must hurry!”
It become that.

I did try my fullest to make it then

Walking towards 5th year, I made this album this time.
I separated 6 hearts in making each songs in ID was my first time I involved in making the music.

5 years had passed, what do I feel this time
Also, it’s good to compare with debut album.

With the meaning of including the current Namikawa element,
and named Elements to the album
With only that meaning is too rough, so I also added the hidden theme, the five senses.

Like touching, listening and seeing

Also feeling the sixth sense

I also imagined cell a bit, and taking from different angles. To think about the results


Like this


Also like this

Lead song is Hurricane Rock Star
It is actually English
but the debut song is also Rock Star

It got too interesting, I think
but it will be fine as long as having the strength in the music and message.

There’s also a song called Elements
It’s not a lead song, but there’s lyric from the past scattered around, so I chose the title.

I will continue write about the feeling to the each song later.

It became a wonderful work
PV will also be included in the deluxe edition
Please buy it
I will wait for everyone’s pre-ordering m(_ _)m

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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