[BLOG] 2014.11.26 123

Next month on December 3rd
The first full album will be release!

I will introduce each song a bit

The tracklist looks like this
colorless sky is a dance music
The lyric used the visual as theme and there’s continuously poetic lyric
It’s really cool!
I’m attacking starting from first song

Hurricane Rock Star is a lead song with PV
There’s an image of THE Rock
I’ve made conscious to Rock Star, the debut song and created the lyric

Pan to Circus is electric wave song
There are lots of sound scattered with game sound, so you get addicted as you listen more
There will be a character called Devi-rin appearing
It is set to have in everyone’s heart
Tadano-san, the lyricist taught me It’s actually out there (^O^)/

run is a rock mainly acoustic guitar and piano
It sounds the same, but it feels matured
The theme is running past the moment
There are many people around me saying they like the melody

It comes! This one might be the funkiest among my funky songs
It mixes something different genre with the usual euro and “Fow Fow”…
That is… Enka
You won’t believe it, I know.
Please listen and make sure!
to the new genre (laugh)

The introduction continues next time
Even so far it went all out
But please don’t worry
Next up is with Melodious and calming songs

There’s also release event and tokutens announced
There are lots of song I want you to listen to, so please pre-order and get it.
The CD jackets for deluxe edition and regular edition are different, as well as contents, so please be careful m(_ _)m
Well, then (^_-)-☆

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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