[BLOG] 2014.11.28 Continue

Cold days is continuing
Are you guys ok physically?

The rehearsal for the live is at a slow pace
It’s not good to rush it (^-^)
But it’s almost time, so I get nervous

Ok, then
Continuing with the album tracklist introduction
Continuing from last time
over and over
I made conscious of the listening sense to this song
I told the staff about the structure of the song and made it into a unique one
It made myself touched

Dress Code
We recorded it first
It is a cute song and was worried because it was different from myself so far
I decided to be the hero of the song, and participated in making this song
Cute song of a young boy propose while being hectic

Itekureru dake de (just being with me)
My body shook when I heard the melody the first time
I thought wonderful! and at the same time worried if I could sing it
I learned that my singing was not good
I sung it last, and I did the lyric with the lack of time I had
I made it with the directors as if I created with the past myself (laugh)
I tried myself to sing, so please forgive me (if it doesn’t sound good)

It is from the single
This song is really good!
It matches well with the album

This sing is an ultimate pop song that has lyric from different past songs
It is easy to listen
Please listen carefully as there are also interactions in the middle

The digest to First and Second solo live is included in the full album

It’s really good

It will be released on Wednesday December 3rd!
Please buy it m(_ _)m


During CD Jacket shooting

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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