[NEWS] 2014.11.20 Trignal Feeling Something with Moe Lines!? 「Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R Festa in Tokyo 2014 Autumn」 Report

“Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R Festa in Tokyo 2014 Autumn” was held on October 12th, 2014 (Sunday) at Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo Jinbocho.


There were two shows: afternoon and evening shows, for the event. Trignal, Eguchi Takuya-san, Kimura Ryohei-san, Yonaga Tsubasa-san, did fun talk. This time we do a report on the evening show!

Starting the Show with Question Corner

When start time comes, three of them entered the stage. They started the show with the relaxing talk like what they did on the net radio, and warmed up the show as well greeted everyone.

After the opening, the question corner that gathered through questionnaires began. They answered questions like 「When do you think the same sex is cool?」 and 「where do you want to go for honeymoon?」.

trignalautumn-2 trignalautumn-3 trignalautumn-4

There was a question 「Where do three of you want to go?」 from the letter, Yonaga-san, who likes traveling, was asked by the other two about the recommended place. The answer was Gunma’s Onsen.

● Talking About the Photos That Three of Them Took During the Everyday Life!

Up next was “Daily Tweet” corner, and they introduced the photos of everyday life that would show up on the screen one by one. First up, Kimura-san. A story of one day when he was dubbing for a certain anime. To dub the presence of the basket, he had to dub with the microphone on the high place. Also, Eguchi-san was supporting from the bottom. He also introduced a meat meal that he went after the dubbing.

trignalautumn-5 trignalautumn-6 trignalautumn-7

Next is when Yonaga-san went to Taiwan. The restaurant they went was closed and it was happened to be one of the three break days of the year.

Then, Eguchi-san’s 『Tenka Ippin』 He went to eat on October 1st, “Ten Ichi no Hi”, so he asked if everyone has eaten it on the same day.

trignalautumn-8 trignalautumn-9 trignalautumn-10
trignalautumn-11 trignalautumn-12 trignalautumn-13

Other than that, Kimura-san’s “vampire work”, a whale shark that Yonaga-san saw at the work, Collaboration drink from the anime that Eguchi-san participated, etc. There were lots of stories to the photos. For content-wise, there was times when the three of them communicated with the audiences, so it was a very heated time!

trignalautumn-14 trignalautumn-15
trignalautumn-16 trignalautumn-17 trignalautumn-18
trignalautumn-19 trignalautumn-20

● Producing Eguchi-san’s Profile!?

When the stage was warmed up, up next was the corner for “Profile☆Produce”. This is about creating a profile of charming Trignal members so that more people will know them……so, the profiles of the three of them were recreated.

This time they recreated Eguchi-san’s profile together with everyone. Yonaga-san and Kimura-san suggested to change the photo. Also, to change the birthplace to Germany, etc. and they changed Eguchi-san’s profile as they like.


Eguchi-san also added Tsukkomi to their suggestions, as well as requesting that IQ to be 6000. He is having fun recreating his profile. In the result, starting with this name 「Eguchi, Lost Angel, Takuya」, a profile with huge impact has been completed (laugh)

trignalautumn-22 trignalautumn-23 trignalautumn-24

● Feeling Something with Ten no Koe!

Event progresses in the good mood, and the next corner is “Kira Moe Line is Too Bright”. During this corner, we gathered questionnaires with 「The girl’s lines that makes boys feel something」, and Ten no Koe would actually say this line to see how much Trignal felt.


The chosen Mune Kyun lines would be read by heaven’s voice. 「We usually go home with everyone… but do you want to go home just two of us?」 「Ah, don’t get so close! If you get any nearer, you would know how bumping I am?」 etc. were read, and three of them would felt something.

trignalautumn-26 trignalautumn-27
trignalautumn-28 trignalautumn-29 trignalautumn-30
trignalautumn-31 trignalautumn-32

Also, there were requests for Ten no Koe to say the lines in a way that everyone else cannot hear (whisper), etc. to change the way to speak in their personal favorite way, so it got heated up. At the end of the corner, it was revealed that the seiyuu who did Heaven’s voice was Rie Suegara, and the stage were filled with surprise, and later came with the clap.

trignalautumn-33 trignalautumn-34 trignalautumn-35

End of talk corners, and comes the announcement. Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R Radio CD #3 were announced, as well as a part of the DVD that was going to be included in animate limited edition were pre-streamed!


The content that was pre-streamed was when the three of them were eating BBQ happily. And they have to choose the ingredient with the ropes. The release date will be January 7th, 2015 (Wednesday), so please pre-order it at animate if you’re interested in the detail!

trignalautumn-37 trignalautumn-38 trignalautumn-39

The event reached the ending, 3 of them sent everyone a message at the end. Also it was announced that “Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R Festa in Sendai 2015 Winter” will be held on January 25th, 2015 (Sunday), so the stage is filled with cheer that after the event. The heat was hard to cool down.


>> 『Trignal no Kira Kira☆ Beat R』 Net Radio Page

Source: animate
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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