[BLOG] 2014.12.16 LIVE Tour Start

Ending regular work and changing the mode on Friday night
into Nagoya

Meeting with the staff, Yocchin-paisen*

After lightly done eating my meal and to the hotel.

I saw a rare phenomenon here
After showering, I went into the dream world immediately and do bungee-jumping

I cannot sleep…

It’s such a weird phenomenon

So I look outside without goal

Then the ground is getting warmed
Sprinkling of snow
on the sky

Ok, let’s sleep
I got tired immediately

The feeling is important^^;

Ok, Saturday and Sunday 2 days
The final battle on Nagoya Diamond Hall
was great!
I’m grateful!
For being able to come here!
I feel the love so much!

I need to train more in order for answering the fans’ expectation and for you to have fun!

The tour just has begun
There will be some break, but I want to get “hurricane” again at Osaka

Surprise announcement

I will be uniting with Yocchin-paisen*

Uncle Bomb
I hope to have fun
Please take care of this unit as well
Even though there are bunches of uncles(≧∇≦)

There are still lots of things I haven’t typed out
I will announce the details later

Thank you very much!!

I wish everyone can cheer up even a little(^O^☆♪

Note: * (Yoshino senpai)

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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