[NEWS] 2014.12.10 Interviewing “Kiramune” Program Hosts, Namikawa Daisuke & Yoshino Hiroyuki! (Part 2)


Currently airing on TOKYO MX, 「Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke ・ Yoshino Hiroyuki no Negoto」(airing every Monday 1:00 -1:05) is a talk variety show that features voice actors Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki to challenge using voice and exclusive talk related to “voice”. So far, they did analysis on the personality through the voice, introduced mouth piece for vocal practice, etc and talked about the topics involving voices.

Also, Kiramune is an entertainment label that popular voice actors participate, which the word comes from the made up words “Kira Kira (sparkling)”, “Community”, and “music”. The members are CONNECT (duet formed by Iwata Mitsuo, SUzumura Kenichi), Irino Miyu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Kakihara Tetsuya, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Trignal (Eguchi Takuya, Kimura Ryohei, Yonaga Tsubasa) and Yoshino Hiroyuki. Not only they are doing music activities, but also lives like reading live and the expression using voice.

This time, we interviewed Namikawa and Yoshino who host the show. As part two, we asked them about their seiyuu jobs and music, as well as the feeling about the expression.


■ Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki Interview

―― What is the difference between 「— Negoto」 with anime dubbing, radio, narrations, and other jobs?

Yoshino Hiroyuki: The difference with anime dubbing is, we periodically dub with the same people. At the dubbing studio, we rarely get together to dub with the same members every time. Also, I always been asked to express my own opinions when attending radio shows relating to the anime. Seiyuu is a job to express characters, so it’s more like expressing more for the work and the character.

―― You are currently active as Kiramune members, and expressing as yourself, what was the chance of starting it?

Yoshino: Character songs are included when dubbing for anime characters, so I was very hesitant in singing them. However, I thought that I should do them with fun, so I challenged several times, and now I do think singing is good too. Since I’m a seiyuu, I cannot challenge other jobs when I cannot agree on the work I do. I heard Namikawa-san’s fun activities at Kiramune, so I was interested in it.

Namikawa Daisuke: I wasn’t aiming for singer since young, but I do think that singing is wonderful for it is one of the way to express myself. As a seiyuu, I did try my best to express the work, I didn’t want to go only on singing side, either. To do both acting and singing would connect all of what I do.

―― What do you want to deliver or express while singing?

Namikawa: I like singing, but I started when singing was not my advantage, so even if I’m bad, I wished that I can deliver a message of a bit of growth even if I’m old.

Yoshino: I’ve only begun singing for a year, so I still don’t know. I’m going to do solo live in the near future and want to find out the answer. I know the approach to seiyuu and anime because I have experience doing so, but I don’t know how live goes so I’m really worried. How much I can do with what I want to do is always challenging.

The December 15th (Monday) broadcast will be a talk about “The activity in Kiramune”.

「Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke・Yoshino Hiroyuki no Negoto」
Every Monday Night 1:00-1:05
Broadcast on TOKYO MX

Source: Smart TheTV
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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