[BLOG] 2015.01.13 I’m Going 『to Sing』 This Year

I’m sorry for being late,

Happy New Year.

Also for those who became adult this year.


You would feel the change yet not, or responsibility or freedom, alcohol or tobacco…

There are lots to worry about.

However, please stil walk on what you believe without being confused.

Again, congratulations.

The 5th anniversary Fan Meeting at Takamatsu ended!
I had so much fun.
I had discoveries, too!!!
I was able to improved.
I can feel that.

Thank you for cheering on me^ ^
Please continue to support me d(^_^o)

It’s already announced.

『KiraFes 2015 & Irino Miyu Solo Live』
I’m going to keep “singing”
From Musical 『Titanic』, Kirafes, and LIVE.
It’s going to be the best.

Kirafes 2015.
An year for Kiramune to fight.
I think so.
The time to change.
5th year collection.
6th year…?
I just got to do it!!!!!!!


I’ve mentioned on an event one day.
『Please wait until that one day』

Everyone waited for me.
Thank you very much.
That time has come.
LIVE Tour!!!

I’m going to 『Tour Debut』 on the day I 『Artist Debut』 June 24th on Niigata.
The moment and only time I can do.
Starting at Niigata, with memorable memory.
I’m going to do it on “this day”!

To say the truth, not only I feel excited.
I do feel anxious and fear.
But I feel endless excitement.

Niigata, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka….

Please wait for me!!!!!!

There’s fan club before that-^ ^
If you are still undecided, please join!!!


Source: Irino Miyu Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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