[BLOG] 2015.01.13 Coming Home

Last weekend
I’ve beeeeeeeen moving around

Release event in Hiroshima
Please wait for the photos because it’s not ready yet.
Thank you very much everyone!
There are people who couldn’t come because of health condition. Let’s meet up when you are well!
Please get well

Even if there are various reasons, it happened in different events
I will try my best so that I can always wait for everyone

Also, I went back to Okayama a bit and walked past Seto Inland Sea


There’s one line in one hall like this


Sitting on the seat and looking at the side, it was the depth of the hall


I tried to take Seto Inland Sea, but failed


There’s performers who does “Shareotsu” (SMAP’s recent song*) in front of Takamatsu Station


They release some explosion of “hei hei” professional through the monitor

On the way back from Takamatsu, which took two days by land


The cloud looks delicious


The reflection of the cloud through the sea was touching, so I took it, but camera lens was dirty so it’s hard to see the reflection

It took an hour to get to Tokyo

I had so much fun!

Again, thank you very much!!


*Translator’s note

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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