[NEWS] 2015.01.24 Connecting the Bond with the Fans! CONNECT Trying To Be “Unserious” Seriously During 2nd Live 「CONNECT」 Report

「Kiramune」 label that established on 2009 for voice actor. So far, there are 11 popular members did music activity, reading live, etc. The one who pulled 「Kiramune」 together are Iwata Mitsuo and Suzumura Kenichi unit 「CONNECT」.


As the first member, CONNECT debut the same time as 「Kiramune」 established which mainly did music activities for over 5 years. They released debut album 「CONNECT」 on 2009, then later released singles and mini albums. They also hold First Live 「~Say Hello~」 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stella ball in 2011.

「CONNECT」 had been at the forefront of 「Kiramune」, announced hiatus in early 2014. 「It’s not something to get sad, we just wanted some time to recharge」 said the two of them and made 2014 a year for CONNECT.

CONNECT held the final live before hiatus, Kiramune Presents CONNECT 2nd Live「CONNECT」 in December 27th, 2014 (Saturday) and 28th (Sunday) at Zepp Tokyo. We will deliver the special live (December 28th show) filled with Iwata, Suzumura and fans’ feelings of the 5 years.

● Suzumura’s Confession (Coming-out) before hiatus!

Live started with 「BREAKTHROUGH~ ~ Micchan Ken-chan Jinsei Michichuu Utakurike~」! It doesn’t matter if it was final live before hiatus and 「CONNECT」 heated up from the beginning.

They sang popular songs 「Zettai Donkan Amanojaku」, 「Key of soul」, 「FIGHTING SPIRITS」 after that. During the first talk corner, they introduced themselves and asked the audiences where did 「CONNECT」 changed route from coolness. Fans said 「CRYMAX★LOVEMAX」「Cone☆Sen」 which both of them agreed with smile.

connectliveani-2 connectliveani-3

Also, CONNECT who will go hiatus, said jokingly that they want their juniors from 「Kiramune」, Namikawa Daisuke, Kakihara Tetsuya and Okamoto Nobuhiko 「to continue comical songs」 and the stage is filled with laughter.

After the talk, they said they will sing nostalgic songs. They sang 「Stick to it」, 「Kimi no Uta」and「Panchromatic」. When those popular songs are out, fans got out blue cyalume, CONNECT’s image color, to cheer them.


After singing the songs, they did memory talk to each song like when they first sang 「Stick to it」 during the live and that it’s been a while since they sang 「Panchromatic」. Also, for 「Kimi no Uta」 that filled with the memory of girlfriend in the lyric, Iwata commented 「I understand how both guys and girls feel, so I like it」. Then Suzumura confessed 「I thought Iwata-san was a gay when I first met him (laugh)」 that shocked the fans!

Suzumura-san also asked the fans, 「did you feel that Iwata-san was that type even for a bit?」 then many fans rose their hands slowly (laugh). Iwata-san said 「Really!?」 and cannot hide his shocking.


● What Are 「CONNECT」’s Wishes?

Second half of the live started! They sang the songs 「CRYMAX★LOVEMAX」which they talked about during the talk at the beginning, as well as 「Glory days」 and 「Pride」. For the final song 「Cone☆Sen」, there was also a surprise which the staff came up the stage. Two of them shocked and said 「We didn’t know about it!!」 but were happy. The live closed with 「Cone☆Sen」 with the staff.

When the two of them are off the stage, the fans sang melody of 「CONNECT」 and 「one more!」. It was the encore that only 「CONNECT」 live can hear! Answering that, Iwata-san and Suzumura-san appeared again while singing 「CONVERSATION!!」. They also announced the happiness that 「CONNECT」 became the only unit from 「Kiramune」 that can hold orange as image color.


Then they sang the arranged version of debut song 「CONNECT 2014mix」 and final talk. They talked about what they did and feel grateful to fans for loving 「CONNECT」.

Iwata began with 「CONNECT have a final wish before we go hiatus」. He wants the fans to support other 「Kiramune」 members and raise them. Suzumura commented that 「we think that people who produce CONNECT’s songs, staff and people who know CONNECT even for a bit are CONNECT.」


The fans replied with the best cheers to the wishes of the two of them who think about the developing 「Kiramune」 members. The two of them saw that and said 「I’m glad」 with smile.

Finally, they sang the last song 「Say Hello」 with the fans and ended 「CONNECT」 2nd Live「CONNECT」. After this live, 「CONNECT」 will go on hiatus but the day of the stage that the fans anticipated will return.

connectliveani-8 connectliveani-9 connectliveani-10

Date: December 27th (Saturday), 28th (Sunday), 2014. 15:00 Open / 16:00 Start ※ 28th
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Cast: Iwata Mitsuo (CONNECT) / Suzumura Kenichi (CONNECT)
Organized: Kiramune Project

CONNECT 2nd Live “CONNECT” 28th Show Set list
M 1 BREAKTHROUGH!~Micchan Ken-chan Jinsei Michichuu Utakurike~
M 2 Zettai Donkan Amanojaku
M 3 Key of soul
M 5 Stick to it
M 6 Kimi no Uta
M 7 Panchromatic
M 8 Toumei na Rinkaku
M 9 Te wo Tsunagou
M10 Esper vs. Rich Man -THE POWER OF THE WORLD-
M12 Bligh Dreamer
M13 Glory days
M14 Sakura iro
M15 Pride
M16 Cone☆Sen
EN2 CONNECT 2014mix
EN3 Say Hello

Total 19 Songs

Kiramune Official Site CONNECT
Kiramune Official Site

Source: animate.tv
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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