[STAFF BLOG] 2015.03.05 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in TAKAMATSU」 Report!

To cerebrate the 5th Anniversary of establishing Kiramune label, the fan meeting is held on 5 venues nationwide!
Part 5, which is the final part, was the first time for Kiramune in Shikoku, Takamatsu!
It was held on January 11th (Sunday) at Kagawa Alpha Anabuki Hall.
7th Fan meeting had Irino Miyu-san, Kamiya Hiroshi-san, Namikawa Daisuke-san, Okamoto Nobuhiko-san, and Yonaga Tsubasa-san from Trignal participated it.

We looked back at the label and introduced past off shots with 「Special Topic☆Scoop」 「Treasure Hall」 「Nandemo Top 1」 and it was fun the whole time!
Among those at 「Karuto Quiz」, the King of Quiz ate popular “Udon” and other members keep asking 「is it good?! Is it good??」 (laugh). We see a scene of smiling harmonious. By the way, the one who won is Kamiya-san!

We prepared a surprise cake for Yonaga-san who had birthday on 15th!
Yonaga-san, happy birthday!

For the live corner in order, the top batter is Yonaga-san

Have you noticed? During 「KAmiYU」 live, Namikawa-san also participated!
It’s regrettable that cannot be seen, but behind Kamiya-san is Okamoto-san!

After that, Yonaga-san entered Kamiya-san’s live corner while jumping!

During the scene of “Shirikageru~♪”, Yonaga-san appeared several times and the stage is filled with smile.
It was so fun, we took it from behind the stage. The height of jumping is high! (laugh)

Okamoto-san laughed all the way from behind the stage while watching it.
While trying to hold the laughter, he appeared with performing 「SHOW☆TIME」 and heated the stage up more.
In the middle of Irino-san’s live, all members appeared and sang happily together until the end!
The pose has perfectly decided. Good team work can be seen.

Let’s see behind the stage a bit from here!
During the break time, Kamiya-san faced the camera with the pose immediately! We received a wonderful off shot!

Okamoto-san is concentrated on making sure the choreography is correct.

There are other members behind the stage who cheers the member who is on the stage.

At the end, they announced lots of announcements including KiraFes 2015 and ended the show safely without cooling off!

Thank you very much for those who came.
Also, we will come again! Please come by all means at that time.

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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